Intuit Buys Account Software Maker ZeroPaper

smartphone-01Intuit, maker of Quickbooks, has purchased another accounting software company, ZeroPaper. News of this deal signals Intuit’s desire to expand its operations and services outside the United States. So, what does Intuit plan to do with its newly acquired company?

ZeroPaper is a Brazil-based startup company that offers cloud-based accounting software and services to small business owners. There’s been a growing demand for cloud-based services as of late, with companies of all shapes and sizes entering this uncharted territory. But Intuit already offers cloud-based accounting services through its Quickbooks Online and Hosted Quickbooks products, so this begs the question: why does Inuit need ZeroPaper?

Again, ZeroPaper operates out of Brazil, indicating that perhaps Intuit plans to capture a greater share of this market. According to the official website, the Brazil-based accounting software provider has just under half a million customers, which is pretty impressive for a startup. With ZeroPaper now under its belt, Intuit can reach a wider audience with its own services and products.

Brazil currently ranks as the world’s seventh largest economy, boasting over 16 million small businesses. Experts believe Intuit’s acquisition of ZeroPaper is a smart move that will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

According to TechCrunch, this is the fourth acquisition Intuit has made so far in 2015 (and there’s still many months left). The Quickbooks maker has also acquired Acrede in the UK, PaySuite and KDK Softwares.

Every so often, you meet someone and make an immediate connection. It feels like you’ve known them forever. We feel that way about ZeroPaper, a very impressive Brazilian startup with great leaders and a common desire to solve important problems for micro businesses and entrepreneurs. We also take the same approach to innovation. With all this in common, we are announcing today that we have acquired ZeroPaper to help address the growing small business market in Brazil,” wrote Intuit in a blog post announcing the news.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know how exactly Intuit plans to use ZeroPaper. It may continue to use ZeroPaper as an independent service, or it may merge the services with Quickbooks.

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Intuit Launches Quickbooks Connect Local Tour

529599_47917840Intuit is launching a free-to-participate educational and training event that will tour to more than a dozen major cities within the United States. So if you’re looking to take your Quickbooks skills to the next level, you should consider signing up. Quickbooks Connect Local will follow the same path as last year’s tour, offering training, education and even certifications for accounting and industry professionals alike.

So, which cites are first on Quickbooks Connect Local tour? According to a press release by Intuit, Miami, Florida and Mountain View, California are the first two stops. Once these two stops are finished, the tour will criss-cross through the country for the remainder of January. Quickbooks Connect Local is completely free to attend, and attendees can even earn up to 5 hours of CPE while also getting certified.

Each stop on the Quickbooks Connect Tour will  feature at least one keynote speaker, sharing his or her experience and advice to attendees. Some of the keynote speakers scheduled to appear on the tour include Bryce Forney, Stacy Kildal, Sandi Smith Leyva, Michelle Long, Edi Osborne, Leslie Barber. Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit is also scheduled to appear at the Mountain View stop on January 6th. This will be the grand-opener so to speak, setting the stage for the remainder of the Quickbooks Connect Local tour.

Of course, Quickbooks Connect Local will also highlight existing and upcoming accounting software and apps. Intuit is constantly releasing new apps to further bolster its portfolio while assisting professional accountants. Quickbooks Connect Local aims to educate professionals on how to use these apps while also introducing them to training tools and educational material.

Our national QuickBooks Connect event inspired, educated and connected nearly 4,000 accountants, developers, small businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Jim McGinnis, vice president of Intuit’s Accountant and Advisor Group. “Now we want to take the show on the road to bring some of the magic of QuickBooks Connect to cities across the U.S. and help accountants uncover new ways to save time and grow their businesses.”

Quickbooks Connect Local Stops:

  • Jan 6 – Miami, Fla. and Mountain View, Calif.
  • Jan 7 – Dallas, Texas; Portland, Ore.; and Providence, R.I.*
  • Jan 8 – Houston, Texas and Seattle, Wash.
  • Jan 13 – Atlanta, Ga.; Los Angeles, Calif.; and Uniondale, N.Y.
  • Jan 14 – Philadelphia, Pa.; Tampa, Fla.; and San Diego, Calif.
  • Jan 15 – San Diego, Calif. and Bethesda, Md.

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Intuit To Host Annual Investors Day

Photoxpress_1926270Intuit, creator of the world’s leading small business account software Quickbooks, recently announced plans to host Annual Investors Day on September 30 (tomorrow). The event will feature web-based presentations from chief executive officer Brad Smith, chief financial officer Neil Williams, and several other leading financial experts as they discuss the future of Intuit.

Annual Investors Day will take place on September 30 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. Intuit’s experts will broadcast the segment live from the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, offering invaluable advice regarding investing, as well as insight into the future of Intuit and its products.

In addition to webinars and presentations from various keynote speakers, Investors Day will also showcase several new Intuit products and market experiments. We still don’t know what types of products Intuit plans to unveil tomorrow, but it’s certainly something that business owners should check out.

If you happen to miss the live airing of Investors Day, you can listen to a replay of the event on the website. According to Intuit, it will publish a recording of all the webinars and segments related to Investors Day on its website 2 hours after the event ends.

The company announced the event on its website, providing few details other than the day, time, and a few keynote speakers. With Intuit at the helm of the event, however, I think it’s safe to assume Investors Day will offer some important information and advice for business owners.

“Intuit will host its annual Investor Day on Sept. 30 at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. The half-day event will include business segment updates and presentations from Brad Smith, chief executive officer, Neil Williams, chief financial officer and other business segment leaders.

Please join the live webcast for Inside Intuit 2014 at 11:30 a.m. EDT, on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

We hope you can join us!”

Originally founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, Intuit is a leading software company that focuses on accounting and tax preparation software. Its signature accounting software, Quickbooks, is the most popular and widely used accounting software by businesses in the U.S. But Intuit isn’t stopping there, as it continues to push the boundaries by developing and releasing a range of helpful new tools for business owners and accountants.

Visit to learn more about Investors Day.

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Inagurual ‘Quickbooks Connect’ Kicks Off Next Month

downloadIntuit is preparing to host its inaugural Quickbooks Connect event on October 21-23 in San Jose, California. The event, which will be held at the San Jose Convention Center, aims to connect accountants, entrepreneurs, small business owners and developers alike. To learn more about Quickbooks Connect and what to expect, keep reading.

Quickbooks Connect will offer tools, seminars and other learning material to help attendees take their business to the next level. Being that this is the first ever Quickbooks Connect, we still don’t know what exactly Intuit has planned. However, the company did reveal some general information on its website, laying out the basic areas of focus for the event.

According to, Quickbooks Connect will host numerous keynote speakers, expert speakers, on-the-spot help, Quickbooks training seminars, networking, hands-on workshops, and a developer “hackathon.” During the hackathon, developers compete against one another to build a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app that’s compatible with Quickbooks. Developers will receive in-depth training and guidance on the Quickbooks API, as well as free consulting. All SaaS apps built during the hackathon will be tested live at the event on October 20-21.

Quickbooks Connect is broken up into three different parts: the pre-conference, the conference, and the post-conference. Pricing varies depending on which part of the event you wish to attend. If you are interested in attending, click on the link mentioned in the paragraph above for more information.

Sponsors of the Quickbooks Connect event will include LinkedIn, Visa, Avalara, Facebook For Businesses,, Mavenlink, Jobber, and more.

“Whether you’re developing a new small business SaaS app on the QuickBooks platform, want to complete an app or create a QuickBooks Online integration, join us for our two day round-the-clock pre-conference Hackathon! This is the perfect chance for you to take advantage of in-depth training and consulting directly from the Intuit team as you design, code, and test your app. Judging begins early evening on Tuesday with an elite panel of judges and an audience full of: VC’s, small businesses, accountants, and peer developers. The grand-prize winner will be announced Wednesday from the QuickBooks Connect main stage. Both solo and team projects are welcome, so come prepared with ideas to wow small businesses, accountants, and the judges,” wrote Intuit in its description of the upcoming Quickbooks Connect event.

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Intuit Acquires Cloud Service Company itDuzzit


In an effort to further boost its cloud computing capabilities for small-to-medium-sized businesses, Intuit has acquired the Chicago-based startup company itDuzzit for an undisclosed amount.

itDuzzit isn’t your typical provider of cloud-based services, however. Instead, they offer what’s known as “if this then that” (IFTTT) services. The easiest way to describe IFTTT services is that it’s a combination of web and mobile applications integrated together on the cloud. Intuit’s goal with the acquisition is to add itDuzzit’s IFTTT capabilities to its Quickbooks platform. “This acquisition brings us closer to achieving our mission of helping every small business app connect to the QuickBooks platform,” said Avi Golan, VP and GM, Intuit Partner Platform.

So, what should you expect if you are already a customer or client of itDuzzit? Details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, but Intuit confirmed that it would not be taking down the itDuzzit platform. You can rest assured knowing the service will continue to operate and function as intended.

Of course, Itduzzit isn’t the only player in the IFTTT market. One of its direct competitors is Zapier, which offers a similar service linking web and mobile services to the same platform using cloud technology. Itduzzit stands above the rest, however, in several ways, including its sophisticated, user-friendly integration that requires little-to-no coding. It’s often difficult for small businesses to use services such as this due to the steep learning curve.

Thankfully, Itduzzit solves this problem by offering a quick and easy solution that anyone can use, regardless of his or her experience level. It’s an incredibly easy to use service that integrates seamlessly, without the need for extensive coding. And now that Intuit owns this service, we’ll likely see it implemented in Quickbooks and other Intuit products.

Intuit announced the acquisition of itDuzzit on the official company blog, saying the following:

I have very good news – Intuit has acquired itDuzzit! As you may know, itDuzzit is a cloud-centric integration platform that offers tools and pre-built integration solutions for hundreds of web-based and mobile applications.

Beyond purchasing the technology, we are really happy to welcome itDuzzit’s two founders– Joe Dennis and Steve Mendoza to Intuit. Joe and Steve created the core technology that makes it simple and fast to sync data between cloud applications – connecting apps in minutes.”

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