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QuickBooks hosting gives you the ability to access and edit your company files from any location using any device. All you need is an internet connection. So no matter where you are in the world you will always have quick access to your data with the ability to edit, run reports, or use any of the normal functions you would typically use in your company’s office.

No matter what size business, we have the plan for the right fit.

per month / per user
(QuickBooks License Required)

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TSScan Printing Included in All Plans
Adobe Acrobat Reader Included in All Plans
Microsoft Excel $695 per month/per user
Microsoft Word $695 per month/per user
Transaction Pro Importer $1495 per month/per user
Duo Multi-Factor Authentication $300 per month/per user


MyVAO is a Commercial Hosting Company and part of a limited group, authorized and certified by Intuit, to provide QuickBooks hosting. As a result you will have the confidence of knowing that our systems are held to the highest standards in the industry.

When you use the MyVAO service the security of your information is paramount. We take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your records and identity.


Our virtual server is housed in an AIS SAS 70 Type-II-compliant data center located in Los Angeles, CA. The data center building is equipped with a pre-action fire suppression system (VESDA) and the facility exceeds Seismic Zone 4 requirements for earthquake safety. Single point power failures are eliminated by utilizing automatic transfer switches and redundant load-balancing circuits.


All of your records are hosted on our secure servers and access to MyVAO is encrypted using 128-bit encryption. No information is ever sent over the internet in clear text format. We provide a secure login: only you have access to your files.


With QuickBooks cloud hosting from MyVAO, Mac users can now access a fully functional version of QuickBooks running on a Windows virtual desktop from their Mac. The process is just as easy as if you were using a PC and runs just as smoothly. QuickBooks hosting thus allows Mac users access to all of the features of QuickBooks with none of the added problems. And there’s no more problem sharing between Mac and PC desktops. MyVAO makes it seamless.


Individual QuickBooks files are backed up twice daily. Application-consistent snapshots are taken of the virtual machine nightly. Daily backups are retained for 6 days and weekly backups for 4 weeks. Backups are stored in Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA.


  • Acrobat Reader – easily export reports and save them to your desktop.
  • Microsoft Excel/Word Viewer – add the full version of either.
  • Transaction Pro Import Export Tool – lets you easily import any data from text, excel or database files. TPI supports the import of virtually all transaction types.
  • Tax1099
  • Expensify
  • QuickBooks Payroll


We make it simple to do business with us by putting together the most popular bundles that business and individuals choose when hosting with us. We also offer competitive pricing and a team of QuickBooks experts on staff.


QuickBooks Pro is currently the undisputed leader in accounting software for small businesses. Pro is more than just accounting software, it is a comprehensive business management solution. Plus QuickBooks Pro provides small businesses more add on integrated business solutions for their business.


Experience our best ever desktop accounting solution designed exclusively for  accountants, bookkeepers, tax professionals or QuickBooks consultants. Work on multiple QuickBooks files at the same time. Efficient troubleshooting tools with the ability to bulk delete or void transactions, and better manage client vendor-related expenses will save you and your clients valuable time.


Premier has everything in QuickBooks Pro, and can be tailor-made for your industry. It includes industry-specific tools and reporting features as well as business planning tools. Manage essential financial tasks like paying bills, creating invoices, producing reports, and tracking expenses, contributions, and payments. Designed for specific industries such as professional service, retailers, contractors, non-profits, wholesale and manufacturing.


Designed to be the most flexible member of the QuickBooks family, Enterprise can be easily scaled for companies managing multiple users, locations, inventory workflows, or large amounts of transaction data. Enterprise includes robust reporting tools that create meaningful ways to analyze data, leading to better business decisions. Team members can connect through Enterprise and work effectively on one centralized platform, no matter their role. This increases overall communication within the team, leading to a smoother, more efficient workflow.


MyVAO is different because we only host QuickBooks and its add-ons; we don’t offer any other technology product. Consequently, we are experts at one thing and one thing only: hosting your QuickBooks for you. Because of our limited focus, you will receive personalized service and technical support that you isn’t available from a technology company with no understanding of what is important when hosting QuickBooks.

MyVAO has the highest level of security available today. We have been authorized and certified by Intuit as a Commercial Hosting Company which means that the security of your QuickBooks has been verified by the company that owns it.

We use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, which has proven to be a quick and stable way to access QuickBooks.

MyVao is up and running, day in and day out. Our back end is fully redundant, delivering more than 99% uptime with 0% unscheduled downtime. Maintenance and upgrades are always scheduled for non-critical nights and weekends and you’re always notified in advance. Our local Technical Support team makes your experience as smooth as possible.

Mac users can login and use the system just like Windows users. Everyone can be working in the same QuickBooks file at the same time. Like PC users, Mac users seamlessly print, drag and drop files and use all of the applications on a virtual desktop. And everyone receives the same excellent service and support.

Our tech team is U.S. based and they are all familiar with QuickBooks, our cloud service and all aspects of keeping you satisfied.

If your connection goes down, your work is automatically saved and you’ll be reconnected to your programs and files when your connection is restored. You can access your MyVao account from any computer at any location, with an internet connection.

You and other users can work in the same file at the same time from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. MyVAO makes collaboration and training easy.

You can have up to five QuickBooks files per user. You also receive one gigabyte of online data storage.

There’s no need to manually back up data. Every piece of data in your files is continuously backed up, automatically. Individual QuickBooks files are backed up twice daily. Application-consistent snapshots are taken of the virtual machine nightly. Daily backups are retained for 6 days and weekly backups for 4 weeks. Backups are stored in Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA.

QuickBooks Online is completely different and nowhere as useful as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant or Enterprise versions. Using full-featured versions of QuickBooks, MyVAO can provide inventory, grouping, advanced reporting and other features in the standard desktop versions.

Intuit recognized the limits of their online edition when it created the Intuit Authorized Hosting Program – vetting and authorizing top hosting services like MyVAO.

QuickBooks Online puts your data at risk by requiring conversion of your QuickBooks files. Your data is fully portable between MyVAO and your local computer without conversion, data risk or reformatting.

Using multiple QuickBooks files? QB Online’s per file fees are going to be a problem  whereas MyVAO fees are per user and you can have up to 5 QuickBooks files per user. You also receive 1 gigabyte of online data storage with continuous backup.

Your data is 100% owned by you. If you need to move it, you just drag and drop your files back to your computer.

All MyVAO hosted QuickBooks sales are final. MyVAO is charged on a monthly basis and upon cancellation no further charges will be made to your account.


MyVAO has made it simple for our company to manage our bookkeeping and accounting activity. Providing our key staff and accounting members with simple remote access has added efficiency and made our system of checks and balances far easier to monitor. One major advantage is that MyVAO provides the full functionality of QuickBooks Pro vs the limited functionality of QuickBooks Online. We highly recommend MyVAO for small to mid-sized companies seeking an alternative to internal server hosting.
WAComm Holdings, LLC
The MyVAO website is great! To know that I can contact my CPA and they can log into the system and see what I'm seeing at the same time really helps solve any issues I'm having or expedites a process and allows me to log into ledgers more accurately. I would totally recommend this website to others.
Kathy Mastrocinque
Imatte, Inc.
We have used MyVAO for over 4 years and view them as a key partner who supports our work and that of our clients. As a consulting firm we are seeking best-in-class solutions. MyVAO is clearly in this category. They provide excellent support and have the technical competence to tailor their online solutions to meet our client’s changing need. I highly recommend MyVAO. They are cost effective, responsible and a pleasure to work with.
Bob Weins
Managing Member, Insights3
We have been using MyVAO for several years. We have multiple users in different offices, so the easy availability of our books and files from all locations is critical. The back-end infrastructure has proven to be reliable and the front-end is user-friendly across operating systems. MyVAO is a huge value-add for any small business.
Sixense Entertainment
Using MyVAO has many advantages over other solutions. When I use MyVAO, I feel as if I am working in the same office. The connection speed is better. I do not experience any lag like I do when I connect to my clients using other document sharing programs. I have found QuickBooks Online is not as robust as QuickBooks Pro. MyVAO stores and backs up our tax related files and accounting data on its private server and we always have access to our information. My accountant has access to our books which enables them to review our information to make sure we are in compliance with all of our tax filing requirements. Additionally, I can still print and email QuickBooks generated reports, checks and other stored documents as if I were running QuickBooks on my own PC. I highly recommend MyVAO and the support team.
Phil Oseas
We’ve been using MyVAO for over a year and find that it has many advantages over traditional accounting solutions. You get one-click, encrypted access to your actual QuickBooks data, automatically backed up by MyVAO.
BNI Books
a high-inventory bookseller, serving the Construction Industry for 60 years
We have been using MyVao for over a year, with “Nothing but Success.” MyVAO support has been prompt, polite, helpful and supportive through our learning curve. The process to setup and manage client QuickBooks files has been very easy. When we have an occasional issue, support takes care of it immediately. No waiting on hold and no need to chat. I have used other host providers finding their system slow, buggy, and their customer service nonexistent. I highly recommend MyVAO.
Daniel Ross
CPA CFP, Hullen & Ross, CPA's




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