Beginners Tips and Tricks For Quickbooks Software

laptop-1Quickbooks is the world’s most popular and widely-used accounting software. While there are thousands of professional accountants who use it, Quickbooks was designed so that anyone can manage their own expenses. Whether you consider yourself experienced with accounting or not, chances are you’ll do just fine using their simple and easy-to-navigate interface.  Here we’ll take a look at some essential tips and tricks to help beginners get started using the Quickbooks software.


First and foremost, you’ll need to gather all of the financial documents regarding your business. This includes any and all bank statements, credit card statements, business expenses, etc. Locating these things now will make the entire Quickbooks setup process easier and less time-consuming. Don’t worry if you are unable to find EVERY financial document related to your business, as you can always go back and it later.

With your financial documents in hand, try to stack them in piles organized by accounts with the newest on top and oldest at bottom. Depending on how large and complex the financial structure of your business is, this may take some time. The good news, however, is that organizing your financial documents will become much easier once you move everything over to the Quickbooks software.

Creating Your Quickbooks Account

There are several different types of Quickbooks software, such as Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier. It’s important that you choose the one that’s right for your specific needs. Their most basic software, Quickbooks Online, can be accessed and used from any computer, as it’s web-based with no software necessary to install. You can try the online version free to see if it’s what you need. Both the Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier are upgraded versions that give you more freedom and features, such as the ability to track inventory and manage your company’s payroll.

After choosing the Quickbooks software that’s most aligned with your company’s accounting needs, it’s time to get started. Launch the software and create a company profile including the name, employees, etc. Once you are finished with the introductory, go ahead and start adding all of your bank accounts into the software. Don’t worry, your information is completely safe and you can even schedule your computer to sync with your Quickbooks Online account to download all of your files. In the event you or someone else accidentally deletes your Quickbooks Online information, all of the data will be backed up on your computer.

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