How to Delete Multiple Transactions in Quickbooks

Do you have multiple transactions recorded that need to be deleted? It’s not uncommon for business owners to accidentally enter the wrong amount for a transaction or enter the same transaction two or more times. When mistakes such as these occur, you’ll need to delete the erroneous transactions so that they don’t harm your business’s financial records. If you use Quickbooks, though, you can perform a “batch delete” to wipe these erroneous transactions from your business’s financial records.

Requirements for Deleting Multiple Transactions

Not all versions of Quickbooks support the deletion of multiple transactions at once. Rather, this feature is only available in specific versions of Quickbooks. If you use Quickbooks Desktop Accountant 2017, Quickbooks Enterprise Accountant 2017 or a higher version, you can delete multiple transactions at once. If you use Quickbooks Online, on the other hand, you’ll have to delete the erroneous transactions individually.

Steps to Deleting Multiple Transactions

Assuming you use a version of Quickbooks that supports this feature, you can delete multiple transactions in just a few simple steps. To get started, log in to Quickbooks and change it to single-user mode by selecting the “File” tab, followed by “Switch to single-user mode.” Next, click the “Accountant” tab and choose “Batch Delete.”

After selecting “Batch Delete,” you should see a list of all your business’s transactions under the “Available Transactions” menu. As you go through this list, select the erroneous transactions that you’d like to delete. When finished, click the “Review & Delete” option. Quickbooks will then ask you if you’d like to back up the transactions before deleting them.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to create a backup. If you accidentally the wrong transactions, you’ll be able to restore them with a backup. Regardless, after choosing whether to back up the transactions, you’ll be prompted to confirm the deletion of the selected transactions. After clicking “Yes,” the transactions will be deleted.

Keep in mind that you can delete transactions individually in Quickbooks as well. If you only have a few erroneous transactions recorded, deleting them individually may be quicker. Just click the “Transaction Type” drop-down menu to view your recorded transactions, after which you can delete them individually. For many transactions, though, this may prove tedious, which is why it’s a good idea to delete them in bulk.

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