How Quickbooks Can Help Your Small Business Succeed

Quickbooks has become the definitive accounting solution among small business owners. It’s versatile, user friendly, and because it’s backed by Intuit, you can rest assured knowing that it works. Unless you’ve used it, though, you might be wondering how, exactly, Quickbooks can help your small business succeed.

Automatic Expense Recording

With Quickbooks, you don’t have to worry about manually recording all your small business’s expenses. You can take advantage of the software’s automatic expense recording feature. Basically, this involves synchronizing your business-related credit and debit cards to your Quickbooks account. Once sync, Quickbooks will automatically download all transactions from the respective cards, thereby eliminating the need to manually record all your small business’s expenses.

Payroll Management

Along with automatic expense recording, Quickbooks offers integrated payroll management. You can create and schedule paychecks for your business’s employees from within the Quickbooks software. When payday rolls around, your business’s employees will receive their paychecks.

Invoice Generation

You can even use Quickbooks to generate invoices for your small business’s customers or clients. Quickbooks features a built-in invoice generation tool that’s fully customizable. Using it, you can quickly create custom invoices for your small business’s customers or clients.

Inventory Management

If you run a retail business, you’ll be pleased to hear that Quickbooks supports inventory management. As a retailer, inventory management can make or break your small business’s success. If you fail to keep track of your store’s inventory, you may end up with a surplus of products that are difficult to sell. Quickbooks can help you manage your store’s inventory, however.

Desktop and Online Versions Available

You can choose from either the desktop or online version of Quickbooks. Known as Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online, respectively, they both allow you to easily keep track of all your small business’s revenue and expenses. Quickbooks Desktop, however, is more versatile in terms of features, whereas Quickbooks Online uses cloud technology to ensure a higher level of accessibility. Regardless, you can choose from either the desktop or online version of Quickbooks.

Improves Efficiency

Because of all these features, as well as other features, Quickbooks can improve the efficiency at which your small business operates. You’ll spend less time managing your business’s finances, and as a result, you can focus on tasks directly associated with your small business’s operations.

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