Does Direct Mail Marketing Still Work?

When researching ways to market your small business, you’ll probably come across direct mail. It’s been around for decades, allowing businesses to reach their target audience with their ads and marketing messages. With the rise of email, however, you might assume that direct mail is no longer effective. While the performance of a direct mail marketing campaign varies depending on countless factors, you can rest assured knowing that it still works.

Instills Trust

You can build a more trustworthy brand image for your small business using direct mail. Research shows that nearly six in 10 consumers trust direct mail. When a recipient discovers a direct mail ad from your small business in his or her mailbox, the recipient will naturally trust your small business a little more. Over time, this may compel the recipient to contact your small business with the intention of purchasing a product or service.

High Response Rate

In addition to a more trustworthy brand image, direct mail offers a high response rate. A DMA Response Rate Report found that the average response rate for direct mail in the United States is over 5%. To put that number into perspective, email has an average response rate of just 0.1%, whereas social media has an average response rate of just 0.4%.

High ROI

Direct mail also offers a high return on investment (ROI). According to the same DMA Report previously mentioned, the average ROI for direct mail is 29%. Therefore, you can expect direct mail to drive more revenue for your small business than its cost. Keep in mind that many businesses experience even higher ROIs with direct mail.

Target Specific Households

With direct mail, you can target specific households to achieve better results. In other words, you aren’t forced to send direct mail to all households. You can choose households in specific ZIP codes or cities as well as households with a specific income range. These are just a few targeting options offered with direct mail. The bottom line is that you’ll have the freedom to create narrow marketing campaigns that reach your small business’s audience of customers or clients.

In Conclusion

While millions of people now use email as their primary method of communication with businesses, direct mail can still prove useful. It instills trust, offers a high response rate and ROI, and it allows you to target specific households.

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