How to Send Transaction Statements to Donors in Quickbooks

Do you operate or help run a nonprofit organization? If so, you may need to send transaction statements to donors? In most states, nonprofit organizations are legally required to send some or all of their donors statements about their transactions. The purpose of this is to provide a high level of transparency regarding the way in which nonprofit organizations spend and generate money. While you can always create and send transaction statements manually, an easier way to automate the process using Quickbooks.

Steps to Sending a Transaction Statement in Quickbooks

To send a transaction statement in Quickbooks, you’ll need to log in to your account and click “Sales” on the main left-hand menu, followed by “Donors.” You should then see a list of all your nonprofit organization’s donors. Scroll through this list and choose the donor to whom you want to send a transaction statement.

After selecting the appropriate donor, select “Create statement” under the “Action” drop-down menu. Next, choose “Transaction Statement” for the “Statement Type” drop-down menu. You can then specify the date range for the statement. When finished, click the “Save and send” button at the bottom. Quickbooks will then save the transaction statement while simultaneously emailing a copy of it to the respective donor.

How to Create Multiple Transaction Statements

Of course, it can take a while to create a transaction statement for each of your nonprofit organization’s donors. The good news is that Quickbooks allows you to create multiple transaction statements at once.

To create multiple transaction statements, click on the (+) icon on the home screen and choose “Statement” under the “Other” menu. Next, choose the option for “Transaction Statement” under the “Statement Type” drop-down menu. Like when creating single transaction statements, you must then enter a date range for the statement. When finished, click “Apply.”

Now you’ll have the option of specifying which donors you want to receive the transaction statement. Click the “Statements available” button, after which you can place a check mark next to the donors whom you wish to receive the transaction statement. To complete the process, click “Save and send.”

In Conclusion

Quickbooks makes it easy for nonprofit organizations to create and send transaction statements to their donors. Whether you need to send a statement to a single donor or 100 donors, the popular accounting software can take this burden off your shoulders.

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