How to Undo a Deleted Transaction in Quickbooks

Did you accidentally delete a transaction in Quickbooks? It’s perfectly fine to delete duplicate entries. If you reconcile a bank account, for example, only to discover that you entered the same transaction twice into Quickbooks, you should delete one of the two transactions. If you delete a single, correct transaction, on the other hand, it will likely throw off your business’s financial records. The good news is that you can recover deleted transactions in just a few easy steps.

Recovering a Deleted Bank Transaction

If you accidentally deleted a bank transaction, you can recover it from the “Banking” menu. After logging in to Quickbooks, click the “Banking” tab in the left-hand navigation sidebar and choose “Excluded.” Next, scroll through the list of transactions until you see the one that you accidentally deleted. Once you’ve located the deleted transaction, click the “Undo” button below the “Action” Column.

When finished, return to the “For Review” section to make sure the transaction is now visible. Assuming you followed these steps correctly, the transaction should be visible in the “For Review” section. Keep in mind, this recovery method only works with bank transactions that aren’t recorded in Quickbooks. If you already recorded the transaction in Quickbooks, you’ll have to recreate it manually.

Recreating a Recorded Transaction

So, how do you recreate a recorded transaction exactly? This is done by going back to the Quickbooks home screen and clicking “Settings,” followed by “Audit Log.” You can then choose filter options to find the deleted transactions more easily. Just add your filter options under the “Filter” menu, followed by clicking “Apply.”

While scrolling through the list of transactions, look for the specific transaction that you accidentally deleted. If you’re struggling to find it, even when using the filter options, you can click Ctrl+F and search for “deleted.” Once you’ve located the deleted transaction, click “View” under “History.” This won’t necessarily recover or otherwise reinstate the deleted transaction. It will, however, provide you with all of the necessary information to recreate the deleted transaction. Using this information, you can create a new transaction to replace the deleted transaction.

Keep in mind, the “Audit Log” only shows transactions that were saved in Quickbooks. If you didn’t save the transaction, it won’t appear in this section, meaning you’ll have to find the transaction’s information elsewhere to recreate it.

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