How to Create a Duplicate Invoice Using Quickbooks

If your business sells a subscription-based service, you might be wondering how to create a duplicate invoice. With a subscription-based service, you’ll have to send the same invoice to customers multiple times. While you can always create each invoice manually, this is a tedious process that consumes valuable time and energy. An easier and more efficient solution is to create a duplicate invoice using the Quickbooks accounting software.

Steps to Creating a Duplicate Invoice

To create a duplicate invoice, log in to your Quickbooks account and click the “Sales” link on the main menu, followed by “All Sales.” You should then see a list of all sales your business has processed and recorded. Scroll through this list until you find the sale that you’d like to duplicate. After opening it, click the “More” link, followed by “Copy.”

Assuming you’ve followed these steps, Quickbooks will create a copy of the invoice, which you can then send to the customer. If you need to make any changes to the invoice, go ahead and do so. If the invoice is correct, complete the process by clicking “Save.” Congratulations, you’ve just created a duplicate invoice using the Quickbooks accounting software.

If you need to create multiple duplicate invoices, just rinse and repeat these steps. Quickbooks makes it easy to create duplicate invoices by providing a simple and convenient interface.

Steps to Duplicating an Estimate

You can duplicate an estimate in Quickbooks using this same process. If you send customers an estimate — a non-fixed cost estimate of a product or service — you may need to send them multiple copies of the same estimate. To do this, just go back to “Sales” and then “All Sales.” From here, you can locate the estimate and click More > Copy to duplicate it. The process is exactly the same, with Quickbooks displaying both invoices as well as estimates in this area.

How to Print Duplicate Invoices

Printing a duplicate invoice requires the same steps as printing a unique, non-duplicate invoice. From the main menu, go to “Sales” and then “Invoices.” Next, find the duplicate invoice that you want to print and click Actions > Print.

Of course, you can also choose to email customers the duplicate invoice rather than to print it. Quickbooks offers three options under the “Actions” menu: print, email or send reminder.

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