How to Delete a Bank Account From Quickbooks

One of the great things about adding your bank accounts to Quickbooks is that it allows you to see all the transactions — including deposits, withdrawals and payments — from Quickbooks. Rather than logging in to each of your online bank accounts, for example, you can simply launch the Quickbooks accounting software. It will automatically pull data from your respective bank accounts, revealing this information in a single, convenient interface. There are times, however, when you may need to remove a bank account from Quickbooks. So, how do you delete or remove a bank account from Quickbooks?

How to Hide a Bank Account

In some cases, hiding the bank account might be better than actually deleting it. When you hide a bank account, Quickbooks will retain all the data from the account, but it will remove this information from the screen so that you can navigate the accounting software more easily. As a result, you can still access your bank account’s information from Quickbooks even when it’s hidden.

To hide a bank account, log in to Quickbooks and click the gear icon at the top of the screen. Next, click the drop-down menu and select “Bank Accounts.” You can then scroll through the list of bank accounts to choose the one that you’d like to hide. Next to the account name, click the toggle button for “Show Account” so that it displays “OFF” rather than “ON.” Once finished, Quickbooks will hide this bank account.

How to Delete a Bank Account

Hiding a bank account doesn’t actually remove it Quickbooks. To completely remove a bank account, you’ll need to delete it. This involves going back to the main Quickbooks screen and clicking the gear icon. Next, click the drop-down menu again and select “Bank Accounts.” Scroll through the list of bank accounts until you find the account that you’d like to delete. You should see a trashcan icon in the upper-right corner of the account window. Clicking this icon will initiate the delete process. Quickbooks will ask you to confirm the account’s deletion by entering “DELETE,” after which the account will be removed from Quickbooks.

Remember, deleting a bank account completely removes the account from Quickbooks. This is a permanent action that you cannot undo. Therefore, it’s recommended that you create a backup before attempting to delete any bank accounts from Quickbooks.

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