How to Edit a Journal Entry in Quickbooks

Creating journal entries is an important step to using the Quickbooks software. When you create a journal entry, you are essentially creating a memo for accounting purposes. You can use journal entries to easily record transactions so that aren’t accidentally overlooked by your business. But if you’re thinking about using in your accounting practices, you’ll need to follow a few basic steps. In this post, we’re going to break down the steps to using journal entries in Quickbooks, revealing where this feature is located as well as how to edit an existing journal entry.

To create a journal entry in Quickbooks Online — the cloud-based version of Intuit’s popular accounting software — log in to the software and click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen. Next, click “Advanced Search” under the field titled “Search Transactions.” As the name suggests, this will allow you to perform an advanced search of your account. For this purpose, though, you should use it to search for the journal entry that you want to edit.

In the “Search” field, click the drop-down menu and choose “Journal Entries.” You will then have the option to filter certain journal entries from the results. It’s recommended that you edit the filters so that you can easily find the journal entry you want to edit. Assuming you only have a handful of journal entries, finding it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have dozens or hundreds of journal entries, you may need to use the filter search option to narrow down the results.

After setting the filters, choose “Search,” followed by “Date Filter.” You can then select a date range for the journal entries, after which you can click “Apply.” Quickbooks will then reveal all journal entries that meet your specified criteria, including the date range. When you see the journal entry that you’d like to edit, click to edit it. After editing the journal entry, choose “Save and close” to complete the process. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to edit a journal entry in Quickbooks!

It’s important to note that journal entries in accounting typically consist of records of a transaction and its respective debit or credit. While Quickbooks journal entries can also contain this information, they are used primary for creating references of financial transactions.

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