How to Delete a Bank Account of Credit Card From Quickbooks

It’s not uncommon for business owners to stop using a particular bank account or credit card tied to their Quickbooks account. There are a few different ways to remove them, including disconnecting the financial account or deleting it. When you disconnect an account, it remains active in Quickbooks, but Quickbooks will no longer pull data from the account. When you delete an account, Quickbooks will make it inactive. Therefore, you won’t see the account unless you access your chart of accounts and select the option to show inactive accounts.

Steps to Deleting a Bank Account or Credit Card

So, how do you delete a bank account or credit card from Quickbooks? It’s actually a relatively simple process that should only take a few minutes to complete. First, log in to your Quickbooks account, after which you should click the gear icon, followed by “Chart of Accounts.”

From here, you can scroll through your list financial accounts. Once you’ve found the account you want to delete, click the drop-down menu in its respective “Action” column, followed by “Delete.” Quickbooks will ask you to confirm the account’s deletion. Double-check to ensure it’s the correct account, and assuming it is, click “Yes” to proceed with the deletion. Quickbooks will then make the account inactive, preventing it from appearing in your chart of accounts (unless you select the option to show inactive accounts).

Steps to Disconnecting a Bank Account or Credit Card

On the other hand, you can also disconnect a bank account or credit card from Quickbooks. This is done by logging in to your Quickbooks account and choosing Transaction > Banking. From here, find the account you want to disconnect and click the edit icon, followed by “Edit account info.” Next, click the checkbox for “Disconnect this account on save,” which is found in the “Account” window. You can then click “Save and Close” to complete the process. The bank account or credit card selected should now be inactive.

Keep in mind that you can also restore a disconnected bank account or credit card at a later time. By following the steps listed here, you should be able to either delete or disconnect financial accounts from Quickbooks. Just remember to choose the right account. There’s nothing worse than deleting a bank account, only to discover later that it was the wrong account.

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