How to Print Multiple Invoices at Once

As your business picks up and the sales begin flooding in, you may find yourself printing dozens or even hundreds of invoices. While you can always print them one by one, doing so is both time consuming and tedious. Thankfully, Quickbooks allows you to print multiple invoices at once. Opting for this method will undoubtedly save you time, allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere, such as acquiring new customers. So, how exactly do you print multiple invoices at once using the Quickbooks accounting software?

First, you’ll need to make sure your invoices have been flagged for this task. This is done by clicking the (+) icon, followed by “Invoice.” From here, complete the invoice just as you normally would. If you’re planning to email it to the customer, include the customer’s email address and either check the box for “Send later” or “Print or Review,” followed by “Print later.” You can then click “Save” to save the invoice. Repeat these steps for every invoice you want to print.

To print multiple invoices at once, go to your Quickbooks dashboard and select Sales > All Sales. From here, click the “Filter” drop-down menu, after which you can enter the invoice type, status, delivery method, dates and customer. Next, click the box next to the transactions that you want to print. Because you’re printing multiple invoices, you’ll need to select every invoice that you want to print. When finished, click the “Batch Actions” drop-down menu and select “Print Transactions.” Quickbooks will now print all of the invoices that you previously selected. Of course, you can also email these invoices by choosing “Send Transactions” instead of “Print Transactions” from the “Batch Actions” drop-down menu.

When finished, you’ll find all transactions in the “All Sales” window.  You can add an email column to this window by clicking the gear icon and checking the box next to “Email.” Clicking the gear icon once again will close the window. If you’d like to add an email address to a transaction, simply double-click the transaction, add the customer’s email address and click “Save and close.”

Creating and sending invoices is something that comes with the territory of running a business. The good news is that you don’t have to create every invoice manually. By following the steps listed here, you can create and print multiple invoices at once.

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