How to Print a Batch of Invoices in Quickbooks

Invoices are an important tool when running a business. If you perform a service that allows customers or clients to pay after the service has been performed, you’ll need to invoice them for the cost of that service. Assuming you use the Quickbooks accounting software, you can easily create and print invoices on the fly. But what if you need to create multiple invoices at the same time?

Before we reveal the steps to creating a batch of invoices, let’s first go over the basics of an invoice. An invoice is essentially an itemized bill of the goods or services provided by a business owner to a customer or client. It contains the specific product or service purchased, as well as the respective cost of those products and services and the terms of payment. Not all businesses need or use invoices. However, those that provide services in advance — or sell products while allowing customers to pay after the fact — typically need them.

So, how do you print invoices in bath using Quickbooks? To do this, you’ll need to log in to your Quickbooks account and from the home screen, click the blue navigation bar on the left-hand side, followed by “Transaction.” From the “Transactions” tab, choose Sales > filter > Invoices, at which point you can choose the preferred “Status” for your invoices (e.g. “All Statuses”).

Next, you’ll need to select the dates for the invoices, followed by “All” for “Customer.” When you are finished, click “Apply” to apply the changes to your invoices. You can then click “Batch actions” to prepare the batch invoices for printing. Once selected, click “Print Transactions,” after which the invoices will begin loading in PDF format — this is the de-facto standard format for invoices created and printed in Quickbooks. You can then hover your mouse cursor on the bottom-right corner of the invoices and click the “Print” icon. You should see a new window appear with printing options, such as print in grayscale or color. Double-check to ensure the settings are correct and proceed to print. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to print batch invoices in Quickbooks!

As you can see, printing batch invoices in Quickbooks is a quick and easy process. While it takes a few additional steps than simply printing a single invoice, any business owner or accountant should be able to complete this task in just a few minutes by following steps outlined here.

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