How to Align Paper for Printing Checks in Quickbooks

Quickbooks allows users to print checks directly from the interface. If your paper isn’t properly aligned with your printer, however, the checks may come out with misaligned elements — and that’s never acceptable in today’s business world. So, how do you align your paper so printed checks don’t feature misaligned elements such as this?

To align your paper for printing checks in Quickbooks, choose File > Printer Setup. Next, click the drop-down menu titled “Form Name” and choose “Check/Paycheck.” From here, you should select the “Voucher” style for your checks. From here, click “Align” on the right-side of the options menu. Assuming you followed these steps correctly, Quickbooks should print a sample check, which you can compared to a preprinted check.

The sample should should feature a grid, much like the way in which your printer aligns itself with a test page. As explained by Intuit, you can move the numbers left one grid by changing the horizontal setting to -10. If you want to move the numbers right one grid, simply change the horizontal setting to 10. By adjusting the horizontal and vertical settings in this manner, you can properly align your paper so the checks print correctly.

It’s important to note that it may take several attempts to fully align your paper. If you repeat the steps listed above, however, you should be able to align your paper so the checks feature all of the correct elements, and without any misalignment issues. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to align your paper!

You may also want to change the default check printing alignment in Quickbooks. In addition to affecting checks, this also affects vouchers. So if you want to ensure proper alignment with either checks and/or vouchers, it’s recommended that you change the default alignment.

To change the default alignment in Quickbooks, access Transactions > Expenses > Print Checks > Print Setup > click “Print Setup” > click ” No, continue setup” > click the “No, continue setup” button again. Next, you should see a fine-tine alignment page, for which you can adjust the grid by clicking and dragging the edges. When you are finished, click the “View preview and print sample” button in the lower left-hand corner, followed by the printer icon on the print preview. You can then hold the check up to see if it’s aligned. Assuming it is, click “Finish Setup” to complete the process and save your changes.

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