How to Delete a Customer in Quickbooks

online-store-1272390_960_720Want to delete one or more customers from your Quickbooks account? Launched by Intuit, Quickbooks has become the world’s most popular accounting software for small businesses. It offers both cloud-based and desktop solutions, allowing business owners of all shapes and sizes to keep track of their own accounting records. But if you’re new to the software, you may have some questions, such as how to delete a customer.

Within the Quickbooks interface is a helpful section that keeps track of your customers. Known as the “customer lists,” it allows users to organize and view information associated with either of their customers, such as their customers’ names, addresses, payments, balance due, etc. There are times, however, when a business owner or accountant may wish to remove a customer from this list. If the customer is inactive or no longer available, for instance, there’s no point in keeping him or her on your list.

There are a few ways to handle inactive customers such as this, one of which is to simply hide his or her name. After logging into your Quickbooks account, choose Customer Center > Customer & Jobs > double-click the customer whose name you wish to hide > Customer is Inactive > OK. Assuming you followed these steps, the respective customer’s name should no longer appear in your customer list.

Another solution, however, is to merge two or more customers’ name. Of course, this is only recommended if you have multiple copies of the same customer in your list. Merging them together helps to keep your Quickbooks account nice and tidy, making it easier to scour through data. To merge customer names, click Customer Center > Customers & Jobs > double-click on the customer’s name whom you wish to remove > chance the name to the name in the Edit window > OK > Yes.

A third solution is to simply delete the customer’s name. This is the option that many users prefer, simply because it’s the easiest. To delete a customer’s name, fire up Quickbooks and choose > Customer Center > Customers & Jobs > click the customer’s name whom you wish to remove > Edit > Delete Customer: Job. Congratulations, you’ve just deleted the customer’s name from your account. You can repeat these steps to remove additional names from your account.


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