How to Delete a Payment in Quickbooks

calculator-385506_960_720Looking to delete a payment in Quickbooks? If you are reading this, I’m assuming the answer is yes. Quickbooks has become the world’s most popular accounting software for small businesses, and rightfully so — it’s versatile, easy to use, and backed by superior support. But some users may struggle when attempting to delete a payment. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to delete a payment.

Quickbooks allows users to edit or delete payments they’ve already included in deposits via the Make Deposits window. In order to use this feature, however, you must remove the payment from the deposit.

If you have Quickbooks set up to bypass the Undeposited Funds so it deposits payments directly to one or more of your accounts, you won’t be able to edit or delete a payment without it affecting your records and throwing off your books.  When you delete a payment, the payment no longer exists; thus, it can throw off your books. So to fix this problem, select the line containing the payment you wish to delete and access the Edit menu > Delete Line.

Quickbooks will now delete the payment from this deposit. The good news is that the payment still exists in your records. Rather than it being deposited, however, the payment will be deposited. Quickbooks then places the money back into you Undeposited Funds. You can remove the payment entirely by deleting it from your Undeposited Funds.

When you are finished, save the deposit by clicking “Save” in the Make Deposits window. This records the deposit without the payment you’ve deleted. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of how to delete payments in Quickbooks. Just remember that using the aforementioned tutorial moves the payment from deposited to undeposited. This is helpful because it doesn’t throw off your books, rather it keeps it on record for tax and other accounting purposes.

o edit or delete a payment you’ve already included in a deposit in the Make Deposits window, you must remove the payment from the deposit.

If you have set up QuickBooks to bypass Undeposited Funds and to deposit payments directly into an account, you can’t edit or delete a payment without affecting your records. When you delete a payment from the account register, the payment no longer exists in QuickBooks.

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