Quickbooks Error H101, H202, H303 and H505

emotiguy-1654864_960_720Have you encountered the H101, H202, H303 or H505 error message when attempting to open your Quickbooks company file? It’s frustrating when errors such as these occur, especially when you’re trying to conduct other work like keeping track of your business income and/or expenses. However, Quickbooks provides these errors with unique codes so you’ll know what’s causing them and how to fix them.

The H202 error message, for instance, often appears when you attempt to open a company file located on a different computer, yet your copy of Quickbooks can’t reach the server on which the other copy is stored. The H202 error message may also occur when you have shared connections set up on your company but the actual Quickbooks software can’t connect to the host computer.

According to Intuit, the H101, H303 and H505 error messages may all occur when you attempt to work with a company file located on a different computer, but that computer needs additional installation and/or setup.

So, how do you fix these errors? First and foremost, download and run the Quickbooks File Doctor Tool. Available for free through Intuit’s own website, this tool is designed to identify and fix a wide range of problems. After downloading the tool to your computer, go ahead and open it, at which point it should scan your computer for possible problems associated with Quickbooks. If the tool finds any problems, it will provide recommendations on how to fix them.

If the File Doctor Tool did not find, or fix, the problem, you should verify your hosting next. This is done by accessing File > Utilities > at which point you should see whether or not your computer is hosting the company file. If your computer is hosting the company file, it will reveal “Host Multi-User Access.” If you see “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access,” select this option.  Choose “Yes” to confirm, followed by “Yes” in the “Company File Must be Closed” window. Repeat these steps for each computer. This should eliminate many problems associated with the H101, H202, H303 and H505 error messages.

In the event that you are still struggling to open your Quickbooks company file, contact your respective hosting provider for assistance. If you are using a Hosted version of Quickbooks, your hosting provider should offer help with problems such as these.

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