How to Email an Invoice in Quickbooks?

address-158338_960_720Businesses of all shapes and sizes use invoices as part of their day-to-day operations. If you run a business that performs a service for its customer — instead of selling a physical product — chances are you use them. Perhaps you first perform the service, and then send the customer an invoice asking for payment. This is an all-too-common format on which modern-day businesses operate. And while it’s more common among service providers, even businesses that sell physical products may use invoices.

Assuming you use the Quickbooks accounting software, you can actually create and send invoices using email. Emailing customers their invoice offers several benefits: it’s faster, more convenient, and it doesn’t require paper or stationary. But if you’re new to Quickbooks, you might be wondering how exactly to email an invoice. Don’t worry, because we’re going to walk you through the steps in this blog post.

There are two different ways to email an invoice, one of which involves using Quickbooks’ built-in email service. Go ahead and log into your Quickbooks account and open the invoice you wish to send. From here, click the drop-down menu > Send > Email Invoice. You may now enter the recipient of the invoice. Feel free to include multiple recipients using the CC or BCC fields, separating the recipients’ addresses using either a comma or semi-colon. When you are finished, click “Send Now” to send the invoice immediately, or you can click “Send Later” to send it at a later time.

Alternatively, you can email invoices using an outside service like Outlook or Outlook Express. To do this, go back and open the invoice you wish to send, followed by Send > Email Invoice. Assuming your preferred email program is set to default, this should automatically open your email program, in which case you can follow the instructions to send it.

Keep in mind that most users will choose the option to send their invoices now instead of later. The only time when you really want to send an invoice email later is when it involves other documents. If you want to send an invoice and other documents to a particular customer, for instance, it’s probably best to choose the “Send Later” option. This will allow you to prepare all of the documents for the customer, bundling them all together into a single, convenient message.

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