Quickbooks: How to Edit a Memorized Transaction

edit-159218_960_720It’s not uncommon for business owners to bill customers and clients the same, fixed amount on a regular basis. If you sell a membership, for instance, the customer will likely pay the same amount on either a monthly or annual basis. There are a few ways to handle recurring transactions such as this: you can manually create the invoice by hand, or you can “memorize” it using the Quickbooks accounting software. Obviously the latter is the better choice, but what happens if you need to change the details of a memorized transaction?

How to Memorize a Transaction

Let’s first go over the basics of how to memorize a transaction, as this is something that many Quickbooks users are unfamiliar with. After logging into your account, go ahead and enter the transaction as a new transaction. Rather than clicking OK or Next, however, you should click Edit > Memorize.

From here, you’ll be asked to enter a name for the memorized transaction. It’s recommended that you give the transaction a relevant, meaningful name. This will make it easier to find the transaction in the future if needed. You can also add information to the Memorize Transaction window. When finished, click OK > Save & Close. Congratulations, you’ve just memorized a transaction to your Quickbooks account!

It’s important to note that you can also use a memorized transaction that is not automatically entered. This done by choosing Lists > Memorized Transactions > double-click the preferred memorized transaction > many any changes (if needed) > Save & Close. If you wish to use a different memorized transaction that is not automatically entered, click Save & Next instead of Save & Close.

How to Edit a Memorized Transaction

Now that you know a little bit about memorized transactions and how to create them, you might be wondering how to edit an existing memorized transaction in your Quickbooks account. The good news is that it’s actually easier that most users realize. To edit a memorized transaction, log into Quickbooks and choose Lists > Memorized Transactions. From here, choose the memorized transaction that you wish to edit and make the preferred changes. Click Save & Close to complete the process.

You can also delete a memorized transaction by selecting Edit > Delete Memorized Transaction. Keep in mind that this is a permanent process, meaning you’ll have to manually reenter and memorize the transaction if you ever need it again.

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