How to Customize Sales Invoices in Quickbooks

stapler-1016310_960_720Does your business use invoices in its day-to-day operations? It’s not uncommon for contractors and service providers to send customers an itemized bill known as an invoice. Upon receiving this bill, the customer can look it over for a description of the purchased products or services and their respective prices. While Quickbooks has a generic template invoice that’s used by default, you can actually customize your invoice in just a few easy steps.

To customize your sales invoice, go ahead and launch the Quickbooks accounting software and choose Customers > Create Invoices. From this menu, click the Print Preview button for a first-hand look at how your current (default) sales invoice looks as an email attachment. It’s always a good idea to view your sales invoice so you’ll know what customers are seeing. Quickbooks’ default sales invoice is optimized, but if you change it, some of these elements may be broken. To exit the preview screen, click the Close button.

Assuming you want to change your sales invoice from the default design, click the Customize option from the drop-down menu followed by Manage Templates. Next, click the thumbnails in the Template Gallery to see how it appears as an invoice. Quickbooks comes with several different pre-made templates from which users can choose. Best of all, you can further customize these pre-made invoice templates according to your own preferences. Once you’ve found a template that you wish to use, click to open it. From here, go through the options menu to customize the invoice. Quickbooks allows users to customize nearly every element of their invoice, including the company logo, company name, font size and color, contact information, invoice title, adding or removing fields, disclaimers, notes and more.

After customizing your sales invoice, click the Print Preview button one last time to see how it looks from a customer’s perspective. If it looks good and contains all of your preferred formatting options and settings, click OK to save the invoice. Congratulations, you’ve just customized your sales invoice in Quickbooks! Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes!

You might be wondering how to set this newly created template as the default template in Quickbooks. Well, Quickbooks automatically uses the last saved invoice as the default template for the next invoice. Therefore, you don’t have to perform any additional steps. As long as it was the last saved invoice, it will automatically become your new default invoice.

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