How to Fix Common Quickbooks Errors Using the QBInstall Tool

army-2186_960_720There’s a reason why Quickbooks remains the world’s leading accounting software for small-to-mid sized businesses: it’s user friendly, loaded with features, and backed by Intuit’s first-class support. But like all software, even Quickbooks is susceptible to various errors, some of which occur during the installation phase. If you’ve encountered an error when attempting to install the Quickbooks accounting software, you should try using the QBInstall Tool to fix it.

Before we start, it’s important to note that QBInstall isn’t going to fix all installation problems. The tool can be used to diagnose and fix a variety of installation errors, but it’s not a magic fix. According to Intuit’s official website, the QBInstall Tool can fix 1603 errors, 1935 errors, 1904 errors, 1402 errors, errors associated with damaged Microsoft .NEW Framework, and errors associated with damaged MSXML and C++. If you’ve encountered a different type of error, you may have to seek an alternative solution.

The first step to fixing the aforementioned installation errors is to download the Quickbooks Install Tool to your desktop. Don’t worry, the tool is completely free and can be found at Simply follow the link and download the tool to your computer’s desktop.

Once downloaded, double-click the exe file to begin the installation. Next, run the program to locate your installation files. In the event that you cannot see or find your Quickbooks installation files, you’ll need to run the installer again to populate the files in the temp folder. The QBInstall Tool will then use these files for its repairs.

Depending on the problem, you may see the QBInstall Tool return one of several different messages. If the tool says “No Error Details Found,” then it did not detect any errors associated with your Quickbooks installation. If it says “Error Detected,” then it detected at least one error associated with the installation. Assuming the latter is revealed, it will give you the option to fix the error by clicking “Proceed.” Simply follow the on-screen instructions and the QBInstall Tool should be able to fix the problem. Again, there’s no guarantee that it will work, but this tool can fix a variety of common errors and problems experienced during the software’s installation.



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