How to Run a Report with All Vendor Totals

light-bulb-1002783_960_720Looking to run a report in Quickbooks that contains all vendor totals? There’s actually a quick and easy way to perform this operation. Assuming you have a licensed and active copy of the Quickbooks accounting software, follow the steps listed below to run a report with all vendor totals. Doing so will reveal all money paid to every vendor associated with your account.

When you are ready to being, fire up your Quickbooks account/software and choose the “Reports” option from the left-hand menu. Next, in the “Go to reports” section, enter “Transaction List by Date” and then choose “Transaction List by Date” followed by “Customize.” You should now enter the correct year for the transaction date. If you are trying to acquire a report for all vendor totals from 2013, for instance, you should choose 2013.

After specifying the transaction year date, choose “Vendor” under “Group By.” On the left-hand side, you’ll see a series of options. Click “Lists,” and then set the Transaction Type to Select  Multiple, at which point you can add the following transaction types: Bill Payment Check, Bill Payment Credit Card, Cash, Check, Credit Card Expense, Credit Card Credit, Vendor Credits.

Although optional, some users may want to run a report on a particular vendor, in which case you should click the drop-down menu next to “Name” and choose the desired vendor. For reports on multiple vendors, choose the “Select Multiple” options. Doing so will allow you to choose multiple vendors at once. When you are finished choosing your desired vendors, click “OK” followed by “Run Report” to complete the process. Quickbooks will now compile a report in which all of your vendor payments are listed. You can click the “Excel” button at the top of this report for a total of all your payments. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to a run a report with all vendor totals in Quickbooks!

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