Help! Quickbooks Keeps Losing Connection

security-265130_960_72043434Have you noticed a “Connection has been lost” error message when using Quickbooks? It’s frustrating when you are in the middle of updating your account, only to see this message appear on your screen. Quickbooks displays this error message when it’s unable to locate your company file, for which there are a few possible causes.

Restart Quickbooks

You’ll probably have to do some trial-and-error to fix the problem. Intuit recommends users first restart their computer upon experiencing this error message. Go ahead and restart Quickbooks to see if fixes the error message. If it does not, proceed to restart your computer. Don’t just hit the physical power button on your computer, but actual use the Windows shut down feature.

Download and Use File Doctor

Hopefully either restarting Quickbooks or your computer resolved the problem. If it did not, you should try using the Quickbooks File Doctor tool. Found on the Intuit website, this free-to-use tool is designed to fix a wide range of errors and problems, including the nefarious “Connection has been lost” message. Simply download the tool to your computer, install it to your hard drive, and then launch it. When it’s finished, you can view the results to see what it found. If the File Doctor tool identified damaged data, you’ll have the option to either repair the file, restore a backed up company file, recover all or most data with Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery, or send your company file to the Data Recovery Team.

Seek Professional Help

Unfortunately, even the File Doctor tool isn’t always enough to fix this problem. If you’ve exhausted all of your options and are still unable to resolve this error message, you should seek professional assistance. Depending on which version of Quickbooks you are running, you may have several different options. Hosted Quickbooks, for instance, typically provides comprehensive technical support to its users. Hosted Quickbooks’ users can contact their respective hosting company, or they can contact Intuit for assistance.

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