How to Add Logo to a Quickbooks Invoice

349497988_fb751a5e3a_bAs a business owner, you probably want to display your brand material on any and all documents possible. Whether it’s your business card, website, social media accounts, or billing invoices, it’s important to display your brand material, such as your logo for instance. Thankfully, Quickbooks offers a quick and easy way to integrate your brand logo onto invoices. Here’s how you do it.

To add your logo to an invoice template, log into your Quickbooks account and open the Basic Customization window. Next, select the “Use Logo” checkbox under the Basic Customization window. Assuming this is your first time using a custom logo, you’ll have the option to select one. Browse through your files and choose your brand’s logo. It’s recommended that you use a square-shaped logo for best results, as Quickbooks uses this native format. Even if you don’t use a square logo, though, Quickbooks will automatically reshape and resize it accordingly.

After selecting your logo, click the Open button to return back to the Basic Customization window and preview your logo. If you wish to see how it looks in person, you can click the Print Preview button. When you are happy with your logo, click OK to save the changes and close your session. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to set up a logo on your Quickbooks invoices!

Of course, some users may wish to reposition their logo. By default, Quickbooks includes logos on the upper left corner of invoices and forms. You can change this position, however, in just a few basic steps.  To do this, open the Layout Designer, select your logo in the upper left corner, and then drag and drop it to the desired location. Depending on the current layout of your invoice, you may have to move and adjust some of the existing elements to make room for the logo. When you are finished click OK to complete the changes and you are done.

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