Why Isn’t Quickbooks Saving My Templates?

16639993497_121a1d984e_zOne of the perks of using Quickbooks for your small business accounting needs is the ability to set and use custom templates. Intuit has packaged the software with a variety of pre-made templates, but you can also choose to create your own template from scratch. But what if Quickbooks fails to save your templates?

When you create and use a template, Quickbooks will normally remember it, setting it as the default template for future invoices. This is done in an effort to streamline the accounting process, preventing users from having to pick and choose their preferred template each time they create a new invoice. However, there are times when Quickbooks will not remember your custom templates, instead using one of the pre-made templates as default.

To fix this problem, you should first attempt to re-sort your list of templates. This is done by accessing List > Templates > View > Re-sort List > OK. Performing this operation will automatically sort your list of templates, which should hopefully reveal your custom, preferred template. You can try it again by choosing Customers > Create Invoices > and then select your preferred template (assuming it shows up). This doesn’t have to be “real” invoice, as you can go back and delete it later. This invoice is simply used for testing purposes to see if your preferred template is being shown in the list.

On its help page, Intuit also recommends users try testing a different default template. This is done by logging into your account and choosing Customers > Create Invoices > at which point you can create a new test invoice using the standard template. Next, click he Template option from the drop-down menu, choose a pre-made template that comes with Quickbooks, enter the customer and item details (note: this is only for testing purposes), and then click Save & Close. Choose Customers > Create Invoices to see if the template is a default selection.

You can fix problems such as this by restoring your account with a backup. Assuming you have a backup of your account from when the customized template work, try restoring it. Alternatively, you will have to recreate your customized template/

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