How to Print Pay Stubs in Quickbooks (the Easy Way)

2204277278_cbf43f4146_zLooking to print pay stubs from your Quickbooks account? There’s actually a quick and way to do this. All it takes is a few basic steps which we’re going to reveal in today’s blog post.

To print pay stubs, log into your Quickbooks account and select File > Print Forms > Pay Stubs. This should reveal all of the pay stubs/checks associated with your account. If you want to print a pay stub that’s attached to a separate payroll account, you’ll need to select the account from the “Bank Account” menu. Just click the drown-down menu and select the appropriate account. Quickbooks will reveal all of the checks from that payroll account along with their respective dates.

Depending on the size of your Quickbooks account, you may have trouble locating a single pay stub. In this case, you should narrow the results down by using a custom date range. In the “Checks Dated and Thru” fields, enter a date range during which you believe the payment was made. You can also narrow down your selection by clicking the “Employee” drop-down menu and selecting the employee to whom the payment was sent.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate payment, click the “Print” button. Although optional, you can also specify a different font and/or printer here. If you want to use a font that’s common used throughout your business’s marketing material, for instance, you can do so from the options here. Before the pay stub(s) begin to print, you must specify the number of copies you wish to create. When you are finished, click “Print” once again to begin printing your pay stub.

Keep in mind that when you print a pay stub on blank paper, your company’s name, street address and phone number will be listed twice. This information will be located both at the top of the page and at the bottom.

Alternatively, you can choose to email pay stubs to your employees from within the Quickbooks interface. Some people avoid this option, assuming it’s a security risk. But all emailed pay stubs are password-protected in PDF format, preventing unauthorized users from opening or accessing them.

Did this tutorial work for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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