How to Use a Custom Invoice Template in Quicbooks

intuit-qbWant to send your customers or client a custom invoice template? If you are reading this, I’m assuming the answer is yes. Custom templates are a great way to enhance your brand’s image, presenting your business in a more professional manner. Thankfully, Quickbooks offers a quick and easy solution for business owners and accounts who wish to use custom templates. Here’s how.

To create a custom invoice template, log into your Quickbooks account, and from the main menu, select Customers > Create Invoices. You should now a see of list of pre-made templates offered by Quickbooks. Scroll through the list and choose the one that you would like to customize. You can click the “Print Preview” button at the top right of the template to preview how it will look once printed.

Quickbooks offers several different pre-made templates by default, each of which can be customized according to your liking. Some of these templates includes invoices for accountants, invoices for contractors, invoices for franchises, invoices for nonprofits, invoices for retail businesses, invoices for service industries, and general invoice templates with varying graphics and colors.

After choosing a template, click “OK” to open the template so you can edit it. There are several different ways to customize an invoice template, some of which includes the following:

  • Add your company’s logo to the the template (you can also move the logo around to different locations).
  • Update the template to reflect your company’s contact information.
  • Include terms and conditions on the template.
  • Add or remote the “status stamp.”
  • Edit the title of your invoice template.
  • Rename any of the fields on the template, such as date, invoice number, and ship to.
  • Include the customer or client’s balance on the template.
  • Rename a column on the template.
  • Add lines and/or borders on the template.

Once you are finished editing your invoice template, click “Save” to save the changes and close out of the template editor. You may then choose your new template when sending an invoice to a customer or client. Assuming you chose the appropriate template, it should reflect all of the changes that you recently made.

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