How To Make a Partial Payment in Quickbooks

cash12Trying to figure how to make a partial payment in the Quickbooks accounting software? As a business owner, there are times when you may only pay a part of a bill. This is completely normal, especially in cases involving lump bills for multiple services. Rather than paying it in its entirety, you make several smaller payments over time.

Thankfully, Quickbooks has a simple solution for business owners who need to make partial payments. All it takes is a few quick steps and you’ll be well on your way to sending the appropriate payment to the vendor or client.

To make a partial payment, fire up the Quickbooks software and click Vendors > Pay Bills > and enable the “Show all bills” option. Doing so will reveal all of your past and current bills, including the one on which you need to make a partial payment.

Once you see a list of all of your bills displayed, scroll through on the click the check mark column next to the one on which you need to make a partial payment. Next, enter the amount of the partial payment (not the total) in the “Amt to pay” column. It’s important to note that Quickbooks may automatically fill this column with the total amount of the bill. You can delete and change the “Amt to pay” to any amount, however, simply by selecting and deleting it.

After entering the partial payment into the “Amt to pay” field, click the “Payment Method” from the drop-down menu and specify how you would like to pay the bill. If you have credit or debit cards attached to your Quickbooks account, they should be available here. If you plan on paying the partial bill with a check, however, you’ll need to select “To be printed,” at which point Quickbooks will print a check. You can also assign a check number manually by choosing the “Assign Check No.” option. Last but not least, click “Pay & Close to record the partial payment and close the window.

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