Intuit Becomes Official Sponsor For Aston Villa

intuit-qbQuickbooks maker Intuit has announced an official sponsorship with the Aston Villa football club.

This is somewhat surprising news considering the fact that Dafabet has sponsored Aston Villa for the past two years. But it appears the Witton, Birmingham-based Premier League football club is taking a different direction, as Intuit will now be the official sponsor for the next two years.

Details of the Intuit-Aston Villa sponsorship remain largely unknown at this time. However, media reports indicate that it’s a “£3 million” deal, which is a bit vague. It’s believed that the Baggies — whom Intuit sponsored last year — earned roughly £1.5 million from the sponsorship. Therefore, a £3 million deal sounds pretty accurate, although we’ve yet to hear an official statement regarding how much exactly Intuit is paying Aston Villa for the sponsorship.

Soon after the sponsorship was announced, Aston Villa Football Club Chief Commercial Officer Charlie Wijeratna released a statement, saying his company is delighted to welcome Quickbooks as a “principle sponsor.”

We are delighted to welcome Intuit QuickBooks as our principal sponsor. We are proud to have on our shirt next season a major US brand that has ambition to grow in Europe and Asia,” said Aston Villa Football Club Chief Commercial Officer, Charlie Wijeratna. “I know the team here at Aston Villa will be working hard to combine the marketing capability of QuickBooks with the Aston Villa brand and the reach of the Premier League. We hope and expect it to be the start of a great relationship that will enhance both brands significantly.”

News of this sponsorship signals heavy marketing efforts on behalf of Intuit to target small business owners and entrepreneurs on the other side of the pond. While Quickbooks is undoubtedly the leading small business accounting software here in the U.S., it’s not quite as well known over in the U.K. Of course, there’s no better way to change this than by sponsoring a league for the country’s leading sport: football. This new sponsorship with Aston Villa will increase Intuit’s visibility in the U.K., generating greater brand recognition while drawing tons of new customers to its products and services.

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