How To Print The Check Register

Photoxpress_4169137Can’t seem to locate the option to print the check register in your Quickbooks account? This is obviously a critical process that nearly every business owner will use at some point or another. If you are balancing your bank account, for instance, you’ll probably want copies of your statements and transactions. But how exactly do you print the check register in Quickbooks?

Steps To Printing The Check Register

Thankfully, printing the check register is a quick and easy process that should only take a couple minutes to complete. Intuit has streamlined the process by implementing several convenient shortcuts designed specifically for this task. So the next time you are looking to print the check register in your account, refer to this blog post for a simple step-by-step walkthrough.

To print the check register, fire up your Quickbooks and access Edit from the main menu, followed by Use Register. You should see a list of applicable accounts appear on your screen. Scan through the accounts and choose the one that you wish to print and click OK. Lok at the top of the register for the Print button. Click it and enter both a starting and end date for the range you wish to print. If you only want to print the check register for a particularly month, select the month in the date range. There’s no need to print the entire account history if you only need a select date, so make sure the range is set up appropriately.

Note: Quickbooks allows you to print the check register in split detail. If you wish to take advantage of this feature, click the box labeled Print splits detail. In doing so, Quickbooks will split the detail in two separate documents.

When you are finished choosing the account and date range for the check register, click OK followed by Print.

Exporting Check Register

Some users may prefer to export their check register as a text or CSV file rather than print it. The process is pretty much the same, only with a few minor changes. Before you click Print, choose Settings > and select either ASCII Text File, Comma Delimited File or Tab Delimited File. Choose a location to store the file (e.g. your computer hard drive, flash drive, cloud, etc.) and click Save.

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