How To Fix The Quickbooks Runtime Error

ergonomicsDo you experience the following Runtime error when attempting to open and/or use Quickbooks? Runtime Error! Errors such as this are frustrating to say the least, but it’s even more frustrating when you’re able to solve them. With a little bit of troubleshooting, however, you can resolve the Runtime error and regain full control and use of your Quickbooks software.

Restart Your Computer

First and foremost, you should restart your computer to see if it fixes the Runtime error. The steps required for performing a restart vary depending on the operating system, but most recent versions of Windows can be restarted by accessing File > Shut down/restart computer. Once your computer reboots, launch Quickbooks once again to see if the problem persists.

Run Quickbooks With No Data

Intuit also recommends launching Quickbooks with no data to resolve the Runtime error. Make sure QBW.EXE is NOT running by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and browsing through the active processes. If you notice QBW.EXE listed, stop it by right clicking and choosing End process now. Next, right-click on the Quickbooks icon, press and hold Ctrl and click Open. You will now have access to Quickbooks without data being connected to the account.

Suppress Open Windows

A third possible solution to the Runtime error is to suppress open windows. Once again, check to make sure QBW.EXE is not running on your computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. After verifying that QBW.EXE is not running, right-click on the Quickbooks icon, press and hold Ctrl and click Open. You should now press and hold the Alt button from the No Company Open Screen. Continue to hold the Alt key and press open to launch your company file. This essentially opens your company file but prevents  all other windows from opening.

Rename QBW.INI File

As a last resort, you can attempt to rename the QBW.INI file to fix the dreaded Runtime error. Locate the file on your computer by using the Windows file search tool or by manually navigating to the appropriate location. Upon locating QBW.INI, right-click and choose rename. Intuit recommends renaming the file to .OLD extension, so your file should be QBW.OLD. Press Enter to save the changes.

Go ahead and launch Quickbooks like you normally would after renaming the QBW file. Hopefully, the new file extension will resolve the Runtime error, allowing you to once again access and use your Quickbooks software.

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