How To Solve Quickbooks Error H202

Photoxpress_745475Do you experience an H202 error when attempting to open Quickbooks over a network or multi-user setup? This is a fairly common error that users report, and while having access to your account is frustrating, the problem is easily fixed by following a few simple steps.

Let’s first talk about what exactly triggers the H202 error. According to Intuit’s official website, this error appears when the Quickbooks software on one computer is unable to communicate with the Quickbooks software on another networked computer. So even if the server is set up to allow shared connections, there’s still something present that’s preventing the two computers from communicating to one another through Quickbooks.

File Doctor

Intuit’s File Doctor program makes fixing errors such as H202 as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. If you haven’t done so already, you should first attempt to fix your H202 error by downloading and running File Doctor.

Note: Intuit recommends downloading the latest version of File Doctor, because older versions may not effectively troubleshoot all problems.

Download the latest version of File Doctor from (click here). Once the download is complete (it’s a small file, so it shouldn’t take long), double-click to open and run qbfd.exe. This is the installer program that will place File Doctor on your computer. The program is set up to automatically run once the installation process if finished. Process by choosing your preferred settings for File Doctor, and when it asks you which type of problem to diagnose/fix, choose Network connectivity only.

Check Hosting

If Intuit’s File Doctor did not successfully solve your H202 error, your next course of action should be to check your hosting. Log in to Quickbooks through one of your workstations (not server or host) and access File > Utilities. The goal in performing this task is to ensure that your workstations are not set up to host multi-user access. If you notice the option Stop Hosting Multi-User Access on any of your connected workstations, select this option and confirm that you wish to stop hosting.

Create a New Folder For Quickbooks Company File

A third possible solution to error H202 is to create a new folder for your company file. Access the hosting computer, create a new folder, and set the Windows permissions to share it. You can then copy and paste your company file (extension .qbw) inside the folder.

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