Help! Quickbooks Won’t Open

Photoxpress_6283374 Does Quickbooks cease to open when you attempt to double-click the file icon on your desktop computer? It’s frustrating when errors such as this appear, but it’s typically a quick fix that should only take a couple of minutes to rectify.

Restart Your Computer

Intuit recommends users first restart their computer to see if this resolves the problem. Various windows bugs and errors may trigger compatibility problems with Quickbooks; thus, preventing it from opening when you double-click the icon. A simple restart, however, can often fix this problem, allowing you to once again open and use your Quickbooks program.

Use The Shortcut Command

If restarting your computer did not fix the problem, you should attempt to open Quickbooks via the shortcut commands. Click on the Start button at the bottom-left corner of your Windows screen and select All Programs > Quickbooks. Next, right-click on the Quickbooks icon, hold down the Ctrl button, and click Open. This will attempt to run Quickbooks through the shortcut rather than primary path, which hopefully bypasses the error.

Access Quickbooks as Windows Administrator

It’s not uncommon for Windows users to have restrictions placed on the types of files and programs they can access. If you are unable to open Quickbooks, try logging into Windows as the administrator and then running the program. This is done simply by restarting Windows and entering the name and password of the administrator. Admins are given full, unrestricted access, which should allow you to run Quickbooks if there’s no other error or bug to blame.

Register Your Quickbooks, Again

Granted, users are required to register Quickbooks during the initial setup, re-registering your account could solve this issue. If you haven’t done so already, register your Quickbooks again by closing all open programs and running reboot.bat. When the operation is complete, open Quickbooks like you normally would. This will sync your account information with Intuit’s servers and hopefully fix this problem.

Kill QBW32.EXE Process

Open your Windows task manager via the taskbar or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and scan for the process QBW32.EXE. If you find this process running, kill it by selecting the option End Process. When you are finished, close out of the task manager and reattempt to run Quickbooks.

Reinstall Quickbooks

As a last ditch measure, you can attempt to fix this problem by reinstalling Quickbooks. Rather than placing it in the same destination as before, try installing it in a new folder.

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