How To Save an Invoice, Form or Report as PDF

pdf-logo-1Many business owners prefer the convenience and versatility of saving their files in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) rather than the default extensions offered by Quickbooks. If you plan on sending a client or customer a transaction invoice, you probably don’t want to give them the ability to modify numbers and elements in the document. Thankfully, saving the invoice in a PDF format solves this problem by ‘locking’ the content within the document. Assuming the client has a PDF reader installed on their computer, they can still view the invoice, but they won’t be able to make changes to it.

While you’re logged in to your Quickbooks account, click on the “Customers” tab located in the top menu. Next, select “Invoice” from the drop-down menu to view all of your previous, and current, invoices. Scroll through the available invoices until you locate the one you wish to save as a PDF file. Open the invoice by clicking on it, which should reveal all of the information regarding the transaction along with several different options.

Before saving your file as PDF, it’s recommended that you briefly scan through it to ensure the information is correct. If there are any discrepancies or errors, fix them now to ensure your client receives an accurate copy of the invoice. Remember, there’s no way to edit a PDF file once it’s saved. You can always go back into your Quickbooks account to make changes to the respective invoice, but it’s easier and less time-consuming to make these adjustments before saving the file as a PDF.

With the invoice file opened in your Quickbooks account, select the “File” option at the top of your screen followed by “Save As.” Now, here’s the critical step in this process: rather than saving the invoice in the default Quickbooks extension, select the drop-down box and choose PDF from the available options. After selecting this option, browse the target location on your computer (or a storage device) to designate where the PDF file will save to.

You can follow the steps listed here to save forms and reports as PDF files as well. Simply open up the respective file up in your Quickbooks account and choose the “Save As” option. With that said, you can’t save a statement as a PDF file. In this case, the PDF option will be greyed out with the statement file.

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