How to Run a Cash Disbursements Journal Report in QuickBooks

Looking to create a cash disbursements journal report? Not to be confused with a cash disbursements journal report, it will reveal all of the checks your business has written for a given period. At the end of a fiscal quarter, for instance, many businesses run a cash disbursements journal so that they can review their expenditures. Cash disbursements journal reports specifically focus on check-based payments that businesses make to vendors, suppliers and other businesses. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, you can run a cash disbursements journal report in just a few easy steps.

Step #1) Access Custom Reports

To run a cash disbursements journal report in QuickBooks Desktop, you’ll need to access the custom reports section. Click the “Reports” menu and select “Custom Reports.” You can then select “Transaction Detail” to customize the report.

Step #2) Customize It

You’ll need to select a date range for your cash disbursements journal report. You’ll also need to check off various columns for information such as the type, memo, split and amount. Cash disbursements journal reports are fully customizable, so feel free to experiment with different customization options when running them. And remember, you can always go back and run a new cash disbursements journal report if you aren’t satisfied with the initial report.

Step #3) Choose a ‘Total By’ Criteria

QuickBooks will prompt you to choose a “total by” criteria. This will determine the way in which QuickBooks calculates the total amount that your business spent during the period. Available options for the “total by” criteria include payee, account or month.

Step #4) Select ‘Filters’ Tab

After choosing a “total by” criteria, select the “Filters” tab. You should see a list of available filters. For a cash disbursements journal report, select “Transaction type” from the available list. You can then click the drop-down menu for “Transaction type” and select “Multiple transactions.” Next, check off the appropriate columns for information such as check, paycheck and bill payment. To complete the process, click “OK.”

In Conclusion

Journal reports are an invaluable feature of Intuit’s popular accounting software. If you use QuickBooks, you can run journal reports to gain insight into your business’s finances. A cash disbursements journal report is a specific type of journal report that focuses on checks your business has written. You can run a cash disbursements journal report in QuickBooks by following the steps outlined here.

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