What Are Instant Deposits in QuickBooks?

If you’re tired of waiting several days or longer for customers’ payments to show up in your bank account, you may want to use instant deposits. It’s a feature in QuickBooks Desktop. Assuming you use QuickBooks — and you have a QuickBooks Payments account — you can enable instant deposits. What are instant deposits in QuickBooks exactly, and how do they work?

Overview of Instant Deposits

Instant deposits are exactly what they sound like: deposits that land in your bank account almost instantly.

As a business owner, you’ll probably have to collect payments from customers or clients. Electronic payments, however, may take two or more days to show up in your bank account. With instant deposits, you won’t have to wait. Instant deposits show up in less than a half-hour.

How the Instant Deposits Feature Works

You might be wondering how the instant deposits feature works. QuickBooks will use one of your debit cards to facilitate customer payments if you enable instant deposits. In other words, one of your debit cards will be used to instantly deposit money into your bank account.

How to Get Started With Instant Deposits

Instant deposits is a QuickBooks feature. It’s available in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. But you’ll need QuickBooks and a QuickBooks Payments account to use instant deposits.

To get started with instant deposits, navigate to the “Customers” section in QuickBooks and select “Credit card processing.” Look for an option labeled “Record Merchant Service Deposits.” After clicking this option, select the “Get set up” link under the instant deposit section.

You’ll have to specify a debit card when setting up instant deposits. As previously mentioned, QuickBooks will use one of your debit cards to instantly deposit money into your bank account. You can use either a Visa or Mastercard debit card. When setting up instant deposits, QuickBooks will ask you to enter your debit card number and other information. After linking your debit card to your QuickBooks account, instant deposits will be enabled.

To receive an instant deposit, navigate to “Customers” and choose “Credit card processing.” Next, click “Record Merchant Service Deposits.” You can then choose “Get it fast” for the instant deposit option. When finished, the deposit should show up in your bank account within a half-hour. QuickBooks will simply use your debit card to facilitate the payment.

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