How to Run Reports for Tagged Transactions in QuickBooks

Do you use tags to categorize and track your business’s transactions? Tagging transactions is a breeze in QuickBooks. While optional, QuickBooks allows you to create custom tags for transactions. Maybe you want to track all of the transactions from a particular store, or perhaps you want to track vendor-specific expenses. Regardless, you can use tags to categorize and track your business’s transactions.

Create Tag Groups

To use tags, you’ll need to create tag groups. A tag group is exactly what it sounds like: a group of tags. All tags are used to categorize and track transactions. Therefore, you’ll need to create tag groups so that you can apply them to the appropriate transactions.

The option to create tag groups is available in the “Settings” menu. After clicking “Settings,” choose “Tags.” Next, click the “New” drop-down menu and select “Tag group.” You’ll have to enter a name for the new tag group. You’ll also have to choose a color for it. When you are finished setting up the tag group, click “Save” to complete the process.

Run a Tag Report

You can run a tag report by accessing the “Bookkeeping” or “Banking” menu and choosing “Tags.” QuickBooks will then reveal a list of all your tag groups. Go through this list until you find the tag group for which you want to run a report. Click the “Run report” option under the “Action” column for the respective tag group.

QuickBooks will then generate a report for the selected tag group. You’ll be able to see all of the transactions associated with the tag group. If you want to run a report for a different tag group, simply repeat the aforementioned steps while choosing the appropriate tag group. QuickBooks will generate a report for the selected tag group You can generate reports for some or all of your tag groups by following these steps.

Edit Tag Groups

Of course, you can edit tag groups as well. To edit a tag group in QuickBooks, click the “Settings” menu and choose “Tags.” Find the tag group that you want to edit and select the “Run report” option. You should also see an option to “Edit tag” or “Edit group.” If you only want to edit the tag, you can choose the former option. To edit the tag group, choose the latter option.

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