How to Invite Your Accountant in QuickBooks

Do you have an accountant who’s responsible for managing your business’s books? You aren’t alone. Research shows that over half of all business owners have an accountant. Assuming you use QuickBooks to track your business’s finances, you’ll probably want to invite your accountant to your QuickBooks account. By inviting your accountant, he or she will have access to all of your QuickBooks-stored accounting data.

Step #1) Sign In to QuickBooks Online

To begin, you’ll need to sign in to your QuickBooks Online account. QuickBooks Online is the cloud version of Intuit’s popular accounting software. You can use it with any major web browser. You’ll need to sign in to your QuickBooks Online account so that you can send an invite to your accountant.

Step #2) Add Your Accountant

After signing in to your QuickBooks account, you’ll need to add your accountant. Click the gear-shaped icon at the top of the home screen and choose “Manage Users.” You should see an “Accounting Firms” section. Enter the name of your accountant and his or her email address in this section.

Step #3) Send the Invite

Now it’s time to send the invite. In the “Accounting Firms” section is an “Invite” link. Clicking the “Invite” link will send an invite to your accountant. QuickBooks Online will send the invite to the email address that you specified in the previous step. Assuming you entered the right email address, your accountant should receive your invite.

Your accountant will have to create a user ID when signing in to your QuickBooks Online for the first time. The email invite will contain a link, which your accountant can use to sign in to your QuickBooks Online account. Assuming your accountant doesn’t already have a user ID, he or she will have to create one.

Step #4) Check the Status

You can check the status of the invite to see whether your accountant has accepted it yet. The status is available on the “Manage Users” page of QuickBooks Online. After sending your accountant an invite, you should see an “Invited” status on this page until he or she accepts the invite. Once your accountant has accepted the invite, the status on this page will change to “Active.” The “Active” status indicates that your accountant is now a registered user of your QuickBooks Online account.

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