How to Add Employees to Your Payroll in Quickbooks

Have you recently hired one or more new employees? If so, you’ll need to add them to your payroll. Assuming you use Quickbooks as your business’s primary accounting software, you can update your payroll with new employees. Quickbooks has a built-in payroll feature. With this feature, you can add new employees to your payroll or remove existing employees from it. How do you add new employees to your payroll in Quickbooks exactly?

Steps to Adding Employees in Quickbooks Online

If you use the payroll feature of Quickbooks Online, you can add new employees to your payroll by logging in to Quickbooks and selecting “Payroll,” followed by “Employees” and then “Add an employee.”

You will then see a screen with optional fields about the new employee. In these fields, you can enter the new employee’s name, date of hire and email address. After completing these fields, select “Done” to complete the process. The new employee should now be added to your payroll.

Steps to Adding New Employees in Quickbooks Desktop

If you use the payroll feature of Quickbooks Desktop, on the other hand, you’ll need to make sure that you are logged in as the admin. This is done by selecting “Edit,” followed by “Preferences.” For the “Payroll and Employees” menu, choose “Company Preferences.” You can then select “Employee Defaults.”

While logged in as the admin, go to the “Employees” section and choose “Employee Center.” On the next screen, choose the option for “New Employee.” Quickbooks will then ask for some basic information about the new employee. You can enter the new employee’s name, Social Security number, address and phone number. When finished, click “OK” to complete the process.

Quickbooks Online isn’t the same as Quickbooks Desktop. While they both have a payroll feature, the former is cloud-based, whereas the latter is locally installed. You can still access Quickbooks Desktop from the internet. There are authorized third-party hosting providers, such as My Vao, that offer Quickbooks hosting services. When adding new employees to your payroll, you’ll need to consider which version of Quickbooks you use to track your business’s finances.

Keep in mind that Quickbooks will automatically add the new employees to your list of “Active employees” after following the aforementioned steps. It will show the new employees, however, as “incomplete” until you enter their tax information about other required information.

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