How to Use the Rebuild Data Tool in Quickbooks

Is your Quickbooks company file corrupt? File corruption is a common problem. It occurs when data becomes damaged. Being that all of your business’s financial transactions are stored in the company file, you’ll need to protect it from corruption. Fortunately, Quickbooks offers a tool for fixing problems with your company file. Known as the rebuild data tool, it can restore your company file back to working order so that it’s no longer corrupt. How do you use the rebuild data exactly?

Steps to Using the Rebuild Data Tool

In Quickbooks Desktop, you can use the rebuild data by clicking the “File” menu on the home screen, followed by “Utilities” and then “Rebuild Data.” You will then be prompted to create a backup of your company file. Creating a backup is important because it ensures that if something goes wrong, you can revert the changes to restore your original company file. After creating a backup of your company file, Quickbooks will begin to repair your original company file.

Keep in mind that the rebuild data tool can take a while to complete the repair process. Depending on the size of your company file, it may take anywhere from five to 15 minutes — sometimes even longer. Once complete, you should see a message indicating that the rebuild data tool has finished repairing your company file. You can then select “OK” to complete the process.

Verify Your Company File

It’s recommended that you verify your company file after using the rebuild data tool on it. Verification is designed to check the data within your company file for errors. If the rebuild data didn’t work, verification will reveal it.

You can verify your company file by going back to the “File” menu on the home screen and selecting “Utilities,” followed by “Verify Data.” This alternative Quickbooks tool will then verify your newly rebuilt company file. Assuming no problems are discovered by the tool, you can click “OK” when it finishes. If the tool does find one or more errors, you should try rebuilding it again. Rebuilding your company file for a second time can often fix errors.

In Conclusion

Your company file is essential for accounting. It contains all income and revenue transactions that your business has performed as well as the accounts with which it performed them. If there’s a problem with your company file, you can use the rebuild data tool. Just remember to follow up by using the verification tool shortly thereafter.

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