How to Create a PDF Copy of Your Account Balances in Quickbooks

Account balances are essential financial information that you’ll need to record when running a business. No matter what type of business you operate, you’ll probably have income and expenses. Income is money earned by your business, whereas expenses are money paid by your business. Because account balances play such a critical role in accounting, though, it’s a good idea to create a backup of them. If you use Quickbooks, you can easily create a PDF copy of your account balances in just a few simple steps.

Steps to Create a PDF Copy of Account Balances

When using Quickbooks Desktop, you can create a PDF copy of your account balances by logging in to your account and clicking the “Reports” menu. From the “Reports” menu, you’ll see three different options: “Account balances,” “Customer balances” and “Vendor balances.” You can select any of these three options to create a PDF copy of the respective account balances.

If you want to create a PDF copy of your account balances,” click the “Account balances” option under the “Reports” menu and select “Company & Financial,” followed by “Balance Sheet Detail.” To create a PDF copy of your customer balances,” click “Customers & Receives,” followed by “Customer Balance Detail.” To create a PDF copy of your vendor balances,” click “Vendors & Payables, ” followed by “Vendor Balance Detail.”

After selecting your desired type of account, click the “Print” icon. Don’t worry, although this option allows you to print your account balances, you can also use it to create a PDF copy. If you want to print the account balances, you can select the “Print.” option, in which case the printer connected to your computer will create a paper document of the selected account balances. You can create a PDF copy of the account balances, however, by choosing “Save as PDF” instead.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a special program to view PDF files. Neither Microsoft Word nor any other standard text editor is capable of opening them. The good news is that there are several free-to-download PDF programs, the most popular of which is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Alternatively, there are PDF reader extensions that you can add to your web browser. Chrome and Firefox both support the use of PDF reader extensions. Regardless, you’ll need a program to open and view your account balance copies after saving them as a PDF.

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