How to Create a Balance Sheet Report in Quickbooks

There’s no better way to assess your business’s financial health than by viewing a balance sheet report. This otherwise simple accounting shows you exactly how profitable your business was for a given period. On one side of the balance sheet you’ll see your business’s assets. On the other side, you’ll see your business’s liabilities. And at the bottom of the balance sheet, you’ll see the differences between these amounts reflected as equity. So, how do you create a balance sheet report in Quickbooks?

Steps to Creating a Balance Sheet Report

To create a balance sheet report in Quickbooks, log in to your account and click the “File” menu. Next, choose “Reports,” followed by “Balance Sheet.” You’ll then have the option to customize the date range.

When creating a balance sheet report in Quickbooks, the software will automatically use the current date by default. Of course, most businesses probably don’t need a balance sheet for the date on which they create it. Rather, they need a balance sheet report for a previous date, such as the previous month. Regardless, you can specify a time period for your balance sheet report by clicking the date field and entering your desired start date and end date.  When finished, Quickbooks will generate a balance sheet report for that time period.

What’s Included in a Balance Sheet Report?

A balance sheet report contains a breakdown of your business’s assets and liabilities for the specified time period. As previously mentioned, it contains two columns: one for assets and another for liabilities. This information is used to calculate your business’s equity for the time period for which the balance sheet report was created.

Regularly creating a balance sheet report will give you a better idea of how your business’s financial health. You’ll be able to see exactly how profitable your business was for a given time period. If your business had a strong period, you can attempt to replicate its success in coming months. You can also use a blance sheet report to show investors and lenders when seeking financing for your business.

Quickbooks supports a variety of accounting documents, one of which is a balance sheet report. This simple document shows your business’s assets and liabilities, which are used to calculate its equity.

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