5 Ways to Finance Your Small Business

There’s an old saying that you need money to make money. Regardless of what type of small business you’re planning to launch, you’ll need money to cover expenses like inventory, marketing, payroll and more. The good news is there are several financing options available for small businesses, some of which include the following.

#1) Credit Cards

While not ideal due to their high interest rates, credit cards offer a simple and effective financing option for small businesses. Even if you don’t have any business credit cards, you can still use your personal credit cards; you’ll just need to keep track of how much money you put on your personal credit cards so that you can reimburse “yourself” for it later.

#2) Venture Capital

Venture capital has become a popular financing method for small businesses. What is venture capital? This alternative financing method involves selling some of your company’s equity shares to an investment company known as a venture capital firm. Venture capital firms make money by investing in early-stage businesses with strong growth potential. Assuming your small business is

#3) SBA Loan

Another way to finance your small business is to use a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. SBA loans aren’t actually offered by the SBA. Rather, they are offered by banks that follow the SBA’s requirements. When compared to standard bank-issued business loans, SBA loans are typically less restrictive with lower interest rates and associated fees.

#4) Angel Investors

You could also try partnering with one or more angel investors to finance your small business. Angel investors are individuals who invest in businesses. Like venture capital firms, they purchase equity in businesses that are poised to grow. If you can project your small business as having strong growth potential, you might be able to secure financing through one or more angel investors.

#5) Crowdfunding

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has become more and more common among small businesses. As the name suggests, crowdfunding involves tapping into a “crowd” of investors to “fund” your small business. Depending on the type of crowdfunding platform you use, as well as your offer, you may able to tap into a large pool of hundreds or even thousands of investors. Crowdfunding is particularly effective when funding unique business ideas, including innovative products and services.

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