5 Lead Generation Strategies for Small Businesses

Are you struggling to generate leads for your small business? Regardless of what your small business sells, you’ll need high-quality sales to whom you can pitch your products or services. Unfortunately, many small businesses have a lackluster lead generation that hinders their ability to succeed. If this sounds familiar, you should consider the five following strategies to generate more leads for your small business.

#1) Direct Mail

Direct mail offers a highly effective channel for generating leads. Statistics show that over one in two consumers believe print-based ads, including direct mail, are the most trustworthy of all marketing channels. With direct mail, you’ll be able to target households within your small business’s key market regions, allowing for high-quality leads that are easy to convert into customers.

#2) Email

Along with direct mail, you can use email to generate more leads for your small business. One report found that that email is the single most popular lead generation channel for business-to-business (B2B) businesses. Whether your business sells to other businesses or consumers, though, you can use email to attract more leads. Just set up a newsletter, at which point prospective customers can provide their email addresses to receive updates and news via email.

#3) Social Media

Of course, social media has become an increasingly popular lead generation channel among small businesses. Statistics show over three in four U.S. adults have a Facebook account. Facebook, however, is just one of many social media networks. By creating an active presence on the leading social media networks, including Facebook, you’ll attract more leads to your small business.

#4) Ask in Person

Assuming your small business operates locally, you can ask prospective customers for their information in person. Even if a shopper doesn’t make a purchase, you can still ask for his or her contact information so that you can reach out with deals and promotions in the future. If the shopper obliges, you’ll have a new lead to whom you can pitch your small business’s products or services.

#5) Blog

Does your small business have a blog? If not, you should consider creating one. A form of content marketing, blogging is a highly effective lead generation strategy. As you create high-quality posts that are relevant to your small business’s audience, you’ll create a steady flow of new, high-quality leads.

Know any other lead generation strategies that you’d like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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