Intuit Study Reveals Mobile App Popularity

iphone-6-458153_960_720More small business owners are leveraging the power of cloud computing and mobile apps as part of their daily operations, according to a recent study conducted by Intuit.

The company behind the popular Quickbooks accounting software found that 64% of small businesses operating in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia use cloud computing services, 68% of those businesses use mobile apps, and 66% use smartphones.

The study, titled “2016 Appification of Small Business Report,” was conducted by surveying some 2,000 small business owners and managers, seeking insight into the tools used by their respective business. While the study sheds light on the sheer popularity of cloud computing and mobile apps, it also unveils a thriving yet not fully tapped market for app development.

Intuit went on to reveal that it, and its partners, have created one of the largest app markets for small businesses. As of today, there are more than 1,200 apps integrated into the company’s Quickbooks accounting software, 400 of which are available in the app store while the remaining 800 are available through private connections.

This study attests to the growing popularity surrounding cloud computing services and mobile apps among small business owners. Cloud computing, of course, is beneficial for several different reasons: it allows business owners to utilize the computing resources of remote servers, while also allowing them to access their files from any Internet-connected computer or device. And mobile apps are equally as helpful, allowing business owners to work on the go using nothing more than their smartphone.

As explained by Intuit’s Vinay Pai, Intuit is thrilled that small business owners across the globe are using cloud computing and mobile apps to run their business. Pai further added that Insights acquired through this study reinforce Intuit’s strategy.

We’re thrilled that small business owners around the world are transforming how they run their business, and integrating innovative new technologies to improve how they operate,” said Vinay Pai, vice president and head of the Intuit Developer Group. “Insights from this global study further reinforce our strategy to focus on delivering quality apps that eliminate our customers’ biggest pain points. By enabling third-parties to build high-quality integrations that run seamlessly with QuickBooks, we offer the best outcomes for developers, partners and our small business customers.

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