Intuit to Expand POS Systems to Salons and Grocery Stores

grocery-214293_960_720Intuit has announced plans to expand its post-of-sale (POS) systems to salons and grocery stores throughout the country.

Intuit is best known for its Quickbooks accounting software, which has quickly become the world’s leading and most popular accounting software. But the company has also expressed interest in mobile POS systems. These systems allow customers to pay via their smartphone, typically using Near-Field-Communications (NFC) technology.

So, what benefits (if any) are there to using mobile POS systems? For starters, it means customers can leave their cash and credit cards at home. Using nothing more than their smartphone, customers can pay for goods at selected merchants. Furthermore, mobile POS systems are often cheaper from a merchant’s standpoint than paying fees associated with credit card payments.

But the problem with mobile POS systems is the limited number of merchants who use them. In an effort to improve the utility of this technology, Intuit has joined forced with Revel to launch POS systems for salons and grocery stores. The new systems will work in the same manner as traditional POS systems, allowing salon and grocery store customers to pay for their goods and services using smartphones and mobile devices.

Last year, we launched QuickBooks Point of Sale for Restaurants and Retail, powered by Revel Systems, which addressed a huge need for restaurants and offered expanded solutions for the retail vertical we already serve,” said John Shapiro, director of product management.

Shapiro also revealed that Quickbooks POS for salons will include unique featured tailored specifically for salons, such as the ability to set up automated appointment reminders. And salon owners can even schedule appointments into the POS system, while also assigning employees to specific appointments. Furthermore, salon employees can add charges for add-on products and services to specific appointments. It’s the subtle features such as this that make Quickbooks POS for salons a true powerhouse.

Quickbooks POS for grocery is also powered by Revel Systems, serving similar functions as its counterpart. What makes it stand out, however, is a powerful inventory management system that tells grocery store owners and managers which items are in stock and which ones are not. Using this information, grocery stores can keep their shelves stocked by ordering products in a timely manner. Quickbooks POS for grocery even displays prices for products sold, and an integrated weight scaling system to calculate prices.

What do you think of Quickbooks new POS systems for salons and grocery?

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