Quickbooks Android App Now Supports Switching Companies

office-620823_960_720Good news accountants: The Quickbooks app for Android devices now supports switching between different companies.

It’s not uncommon for professional accountants to handle bookkeeping for several different companies. While Quickbooks supports the use of multiple companies in its software, this feature has been lacking in its compatible Android app — up until now at least.

In a recent blog post, Intuit announced that the latest release of Quickbooks Android supports the use of multiple companies. So, what does this mean exactly? Assuming you have two or more company subscriptions in Quickbooks Online — Intuit’s cloud-based subscription model for Quickbooks — you can alternate between them on your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s a relatively simple feature that’s sure to improve the productivity and efficiency for many professional accountants who Quickbooks.

As explained by Intuit, users can have multiple subscriptions in Quickbooks Online with as many companies as they’d like. The latest version of the Quickbooks app for Android further enhances the app’s utility by supporting the use of multiple companies.

You can have multiple company subscriptions in QuickBooks Online and have as many QuickBooks Online companies as you’d like. And now, with the latest release of QuickBooks Android, you can easily switch between your companies on your phone or tablet,” wrote Quickbooks when announcing the change.

So, how exactly do you switch between companies in the new Quickbooks app for Android? After downloading the new app, double-tap it to open and then access the main menu. From here, you can tap your company to bring up a list of all your associated companies for which you have a paid Quickbooks Online subscription. Now choose the other company and it will switch to that company. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to switch between companies in the new Quickbooks app for Android!

Support for multiple companies isn’t the only change Intuit made to its Android app. This release, like many before it, brought new performance improvements and security enhancements.

If you’re interested in downloading and using the new Quickbooks Android app, you can access it either on Google Play or by visiting this link. Quickbooks Android is free to download, although you’ll need a paid Quickbooks Online subscription to access all of its features, including the ability to switch between different companies.

What do you think of the new Quickbooks Android app?

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