Intuit Partners with Stride to Improve Self-Employed Health

16945290615_126ebb865b_b(1)Quickbooks maker Intuit has teamed up with Stride Health to provide freelance and self-employed workers with a more efficient and effective way to access health insurance.

Being a self-employed worker certainly has its benefits, such as the ability to set your hours, be your boss, and build a successful business for yourself rather than for someone else. However, it also has its fair share of caveats, including health insurance restrictions. While millions of Americans are able to obtain quality health insurance plans through their respective employers, this isn’t an option for self-employed workers. They must seek health insurance elsewhere, often paying a premium price for less coverage. Intuit and Stride are hoping to change this, however, with the formation of a new partnership.

Effective November 1, Quickbooks Self-Employed customers will have access to special Stride Health perks, including custom health plan recommendations. Assuming you are already a customer of Quickbooks Self-Employed, you can use this new tool to find health plans that are tailored to your preferences. According to a press release issued by the two companies, Stride will instantly compare dozens of factors among thousands of different health insurance plans to find the perfect plan for your needs. You can even filter the results to only include specific doctors, affordable prescription drugs, deductions and more.

The new Intuit and Stride partnership will also give Quickbooks Self-Employed customers access to personalized tax savings. Many Americans fail to take advantage of tax deductions to which they have access, resulting in lost money come tax time. With Stride Health, you can uncover new tax savings to help offset the cost of your health insurance. Subscribes can expect to save $3,809 in taxes per year, says Stride

Self-employment gives people the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss, but it comes with challenging compliance requirements and a constant struggle for financial stability. We’re working to ease that burden and bring stability to the self-employed,” said Alex Chriss, vice president of Intuit’s Small Business Group. “Providing our customers with Stride’s tailor-made healthcare recommendations to maximize tax credits, access tax savings, and assist in complying with the Affordable Care Act is the next step in expanding QuickBooks Self-Employed. Freelancers now have one place to go to most effectively manage their business.”

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