Quickbooks Tips and Tricks for Accountants

intuit-qbChoosing the Right Version of Quickbooks

Many people are surprised to learn that there are several types of Quickbooks, each of which has its own unique features and characteristics. The three different types include Quickbooks Online, Desktop Quickbooks, and Hosted Quickbooks. So, which one should you choose? Hosted Quickbooks is actually the Desktop version that’s “hosted” by an authorized third-party. It offers the greatest flexibility and easy of use, making it the recommended choice for accountants.

Close Windows Fast

There are two different ways to close windows in Quickbooks: you can close them by clicking the [x] button in the upper-right corner, or you can do it simply by pressing the Esc key. If you are trying to streamline your accounting (which you should be), try to get into the habit of using the Esc key. This alone can save you huge amounts of time, as it eliminates the need to move your mouse around from window to window.

Disable Spellcheck

Quickbooks has a built-in spellcheck that’s enabled by default. This feature is great for catching those grammar and spelling mistakes in your invoices and other documents. However, it can also be a nuisance, especially when it catches words that aren’t really mispelled. You can disable the spellcheck feature by logging into your account and choosing Edit > Preferences > My Preferences > and untick the box next to “Always check spelling before printing … .”

There’s a Hidden Calculator…

Did you know that Quickbooks has a calculator built into never field? Rather than opening a separate calculator on your computer, you can simply crunch your numbers straight from the field. To use it, click on a field and then press the + button. This will enable the calculator so you can add, subtract and perform other operations.


Another helpful feature included in Quickbooks is pre-made templates. Whether you are a contractor, accountant, business owner, etc., there’s probably an invoice template for you. But you don’t have to limit yourself to only using the invoice templates provided in Quickbooks. All of these templates can be edited and customized according to your liking.

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